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News Image'Devil in the Dark' Hallmark Ornament Preview Jul 16, 2014
We've got a quick video preview of one of this year's new 'magic' Hallmark Keepsake ornaments, featuring an iconic scene out of the Original Series: Spock's mind-meld with the Horta from Season One's "The Devil in the Dark", featuring audio right out of the classic episode!

News ImageeBOOK REVIEW: "Seasons of Light and Darkness" Jul 04, 2014
Leonard McCoy's first adventure on Capella IV -- first alluded to in the classic episode "Friday's Child" -- is finally told in Michael A. Martin's "Seasons of Light and Darkness," a new TOS eBook exclusive. Read our review today and see what we thought!

News ImageJeff Mariotte: “Serpents in the Garden” Interview Jun 23, 2014
Author Jeff Mariotte's next entry in the Original Series line of novels is now available: "Serpents in the Garden," the follow-up to TOS Season Two's "A Private Little War". Our Trek literature expert Dan Gunther talked with the writer this month about revisiting the setting of this classic Trek episode!

News ImageTrek Comics: "City on the Edge of Forever" #1 Jun 22, 2014
We've got a review of IDW Publishing's new "City on the Edge of Forever" comic, an adaptation of Harlan Ellison's original teleplay. Much different from the final television episode, this version of the story includes violence between Starfleet officers, a drug deal on the Enterprise, and multiple Guardians of Forever!

News ImageBOOK REVIEW: TOS -- "Serpents in the Garden" Jun 20, 2014
Author Jeff Mariotte revisits planet Neural in "Serpents in the Garden," the latest Original Series novel which revisits the events of TOS Season 2's "A Private Little War." Read our review of this new story, then stay tuned for our interview with the author coming in the next few days!

News ImageTrek Comics: "The Mirror, Cracked" May 14, 2014
The Enterprise gets a pair of visitors from the Mirror Universe in this first entry in IDW's new "New Visions" photobook series, a new bi-monthly release created from real images from the classic episodes of the original Star Trek series! Read our review and tell us what you think of this new format!

News ImageNASA Honors Shatner With Public Service Medal Apr 30, 2014
Trek actor William Shatner was honored by NASA this past weekend with the Distinguished Public Service medal, the highest award presented to non-government personnel by the space agency.

News Image"These Are The Voyages" Season 2 Now Available! Apr 17, 2014
The wait is over! The second part of Marc Cushamn's epic tell-all trilogy, "These Are The Voyages" - covering TOS Season 2 - is now available to order over at Amazon. Pick up your hardcover copy now for the bargain price of just $29.95!

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