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News ImageVIDEO: Photo Finish at the Smithsonian Feb 05, 2016
In our next video exclusive from the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum, curator Margaret Weitekamp talks about the need to find pre-1974 photographs of the classic "Star Trek" USS Enterprise model for the in-depth conservation project.

News ImagePHOTOS: Enterprise, Disassembled Feb 03, 2016
We went back to the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum over the weekend to check up on the classic "Star Trek" USS Enterprise model, undergoing serious analysis and review ahead of the pending restoration -- and now we can share more than four dozen high-resolution photos of the disassembled filming model!

News ImageFIRST LOOK: Our 2016 Visit to the Smithsonian! Jan 30, 2016
We've just gotten back from our catch-up session with the Enterprise model conservation team at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum facility in Virginia -- and while we've still got a whole lot of work ahead of us to prepare our big video and photographic update, here's a preview of our discussion with conservator Malcolm Collum about a NEW deflector dish for the Enterprise!

News ImageReview: "New Visions" #10 Jan 09, 2016
In this month's new "Star Trek: New Visions" photonovel, we finally get to see how Pavel Chekov joined Captain Kirk's crew, serving below decks aboard the Enterprise during the first season of the Original Series! In "Mister Chekov," watch the young Russian ensign get his hands on his first gold uniform!

News ImageREVIEW: "Child of Two Worlds" Dec 20, 2015
When a virus begins to spread among the Enterprise crew during Captain Christopher Pike's tenure aboard ship, the only cure requires a rare mineral substance found only on a remote alien colony near the Klingon border -- and young Mr. Spock must find balance between his Vulcan heritage and his new human shipmates to obtain the much-needed solution!

News ImageREVIEW: "New Visions" Issue #9 Dec 03, 2015
In this month's new "Star Trek: New Visions" photonovel, Spock receives a mysterious message on a civilian subspace channel, which draws him away from the Enterprise in a rare leave of absence for the Vulcan officer. Who has called him, and what do they want? Find out in "The Hollow Man!"

News ImageTREK COMICS: New Visions #8 Nov 25, 2015
It's a blast from the past as Captain Kirk and the Enterprise crew revisit one of the crew's earliest adventures -- it's the return of Andrea, Ruk, and the replicated Kirk from "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" -- but this time, they've brought copies! It's "The Survival Equation," the next IDW Publishing photobook comic!

News ImagePREORDER: "The Fifty Year Mission, Vol. 1" Nov 21, 2015
Volume One of "The Fifty Year Mission," a new oral history series covering the five-decade-old "Star Trek" franchise, hits stores June 28, and preorders for this great new tome are open now! Marc Altman and Edward Gross' massive hardcover release takes on the first twenty-five years of "Trek" next summer!

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