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News ImageSneak Preview: TrekCore at the Smithsonian Jan 25, 2015
We spent Saturday at the Smithsonian Institution with the eleven-foot USS Enterprise filming model from the original "Star Trek" series, taking a behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming preservation project -- while we have lots more on the way, here's a sneak preview of our upcoming video exclusive!

News ImageTOS Remastered Trailers Online! Jan 04, 2015
We've scoured the Internet, and with some help from some of our readers, we now more than half of the TOS Remastered syndication episode trailers online at our YouTube channel -- but we need your help to complete the collection!

News ImageTrek Comics: "The Primate Directive" #1 Jan 03, 2015
When the Enterprise follows a Klingon expedition into an alternate universe, the crew is surprised to find their enemies orbiting a copy of Earth... but it's a planet populated not by human life, but by intelligent primates! The "Star Trek" / "Planet of the Apes" crossover story begins!

News ImageSMITHSONIAN EXCLUSIVE: Enterprise Model Update! Dec 30, 2014
Back in September, we spoke with Dr. Margaret Weitekamp, the lead conservator heading up the Enterprise preservation project at the Smithsonian's National Air & Space Museum. As we close out the year, we wanted to check in and see what progress has been made so far in the three months since the Enterprise left Washington -- and who's been brought on board to assist with the preservation!

News ImageTrek Comics: "Made Out of Mudd" Dec 27, 2014
Harry Mudd returns in this month's Trek photonovel, but he's taken on a whole new look -- that of the Enterprise's James T. Kirk! After finding a way to change his physical appearance, Mudd is causing havok at a starbase under the guise of the captain of the Federation flagship!

News ImageBOOK REVIEW: "Foul Deeds Will Rise" Dec 11, 2014
When the crew encounters Lenore Karidian decades after their deadly first meeting aboard the Enterprise in "The Conscience of the King," Captain Kirk must uncover the truth behind a mysterious assassination -- where all clues point right to Lenore as the culprit!

News ImageTrek Comics #38: "The Q Gambit" (Part 4)  Nov 19, 2014
Trapped in an alternate future, Kirk and company experience life on Earth under Dominion rule, the universal constant of duplicitous Ferengi, and the birth of a Prophets / Pah Wraith war, fueled by Gul Dukat! Read on to see what we thought of the next chapter of "The Q Gambit!"

News ImageTrek Comics: "City on the Edge of Forever" #5 Nov 19, 2014
We've got a review of the final chapter of IDW Publishing's "City on the Edge of Forever" comic, an adaptation of Harlan Ellison's original teleplay. It's the end of the road for Kirk and Keeler -- but can the captain allow the ultimate sacrifice to rewrite history and return to the future?

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