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News ImageTrek Comics: NEW VISIONS #17 Aug 14, 2017
In our newest Trek Comics review, we take a look at John Byrne's latest photonovel creation - "All the Ages Frozen" - and thoughts on the ongoing "New Visions" artistic endeavor. Read on and share your thoughts about this unique Trek publication!

News ImageTrek Comics: WAYPOINT #6 Aug 12, 2017
It's the final issue of STAR TREK: WAYPOINT -- at least, for now -- and as this chapter of the anthology comic series concludes, we head back to the Original Series to follow Nurse Chapel on an away mission... and beam into an alternate history following the Enterprise crew during a never-seen STAR TREK: PHASE II adventure!

News Image'Star Trek Film Academy' Announced at STLV Aug 08, 2017
For all you aspiring filmmakers out there, some surprising news about Ticonderoga, NY’s Star Trek: The Original Series Set Tour broke this past weekend at the Las Vegas convention, where CBS and Set Tour founder James Cawley announced plans to open the elaborate TOS set recreation to fans for both study and production in the coming year.

News ImageSTLV Reveals First Look at 2018 Hallmark Ornament Aug 02, 2017
We're out in Las Vegas, where Hallmark has revealed our first look at 2018's planned STAR TREK Keepsake Ornament, right out of a classic episode from the Original Series!

News ImagePreorder: SEARCH FOR SPOCK Book Jul 12, 2017
Where's Waldo (or Wally, for you UK'ers)? Who cares! Preorder Robb Pearlman's SEARCH FOR SPOCK at Amazon and hunt for that hard-to-find Vulcan in this October's upcoming hardcover release!

News ImageNew Gallery: STAR TREK SET TOUR Jul 10, 2017
Today we’re rolling out our extensive image galleries from our visit to the STAR TREK ORIGINAL SERIES SET TOUR exhibit, with dozens of photos from all around the recreated Constitution-class Enterprise! From the bridge to Captain Kirk’s quarters, the lovingly-built Enterprise set replica in upstate New York truly makes you feel like you’ve been transported into the 23rd Century!

News ImageReview: Eaglemoss' TREK GRAPHIC NOVELS, Vol. 2 Jul 01, 2017
In this second segment of a three-part review series, we take a look at Eaglemoss' STAR TREK GRAPHIC NOVEL COLLECTION, a series of hardcover reprints of Trek comics from years gone by! Next up is the 2015 adaptation of Harlan Ellison's original story for the classic CITY ON THE EDGE OF FOREVER!

News ImageTrek Comics: NEW VISIONS #16  Jun 11, 2017
John Byrne's photonovel comic series returns with an all-new installment! After Captain Kirk gets caught in an explosion down in the Enterprise's engineering section, he finds himself unstuck in time -- all while trying to avert an attack that may result in the destruction of the Enterprise itself!

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