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News ImageNew TOS Publicity Photo Gallery Updates! Sep 11, 2017
Our gallery guru Doug Wilson has been digging through nearly every source available to add to our ever-growing image collections -- and today we're rolling our our expanded STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES cast publicity photo albums, featuring several dozen new shots from the first Trek series!

News ImageHands-On: STAR TREK Geeki Tikis Sep 07, 2017
First announced early this spring, novelty product design company Beeline Creative has finally released their first wave of STAR TREK “Geeki Tikis,” a set of sculpted drinkware themed like six classic Trek characters - and we've got our hands on the first of their Trek releases!

News ImageRecreating the 'Spock Helmet' for STLV 2017 Sep 04, 2017
There sure was plenty of unique and captivating Star Trek cosplay at last month’s Las Vegas convention -- but perhaps the most creative and surprising costume choice came in the form of Nick Duguid's recreation of the infamous “Spock Helmet” from the 1970’s. Now you can see what it took to bring this crazy Trek relic to life in Nick's guest column!

News ImageOrder Classic Trek Novel 'The Final Reflection' Sep 03, 2017
Classic "Star Trek" novel THE FINAL REFLECTION seems to be a big influence on "Star Trek: Discovery," referenced not only by actors in the Klingon cast but also the production design team in their artistic planning for the Empire - if you've never read it, order your copy today!

News ImageTrek Comics: NEW VISIONS #17 Aug 14, 2017
In our newest Trek Comics review, we take a look at John Byrne's latest photonovel creation - "All the Ages Frozen" - and thoughts on the ongoing "New Visions" artistic endeavor. Read on and share your thoughts about this unique Trek publication!

News ImageTrek Comics: WAYPOINT #6 Aug 12, 2017
It's the final issue of STAR TREK: WAYPOINT -- at least, for now -- and as this chapter of the anthology comic series concludes, we head back to the Original Series to follow Nurse Chapel on an away mission... and beam into an alternate history following the Enterprise crew during a never-seen STAR TREK: PHASE II adventure!

News Image'Star Trek Film Academy' Announced at STLV Aug 08, 2017
For all you aspiring filmmakers out there, some surprising news about Ticonderoga, NY’s Star Trek: The Original Series Set Tour broke this past weekend at the Las Vegas convention, where CBS and Set Tour founder James Cawley announced plans to open the elaborate TOS set recreation to fans for both study and production in the coming year.

News ImageSTLV Reveals First Look at 2018 Hallmark Ornament Aug 02, 2017
We're out in Las Vegas, where Hallmark has revealed our first look at 2018's planned STAR TREK Keepsake Ornament, right out of a classic episode from the Original Series!

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