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News ImageINTERVIEW: Artist and Illustrator Paul Shipper Mar 21, 2017
Meet Paul Shipper: this UK-based illustrator has created commissioned STAR TREK artwork, limited edition prints, and comic book covers for the franchise for CBS, IDW Publishing, and Bye Bye Robot - and we caught up with the designer to talk about his artistic - and fandom - backgrounds.

News ImageComplete Star Trek Original Series on Blu-ray $53! Mar 16, 2017
Amazon have reduced the complete Blu-ray collection of Star Trek: The Original Series down to just $53... All three seasons, remastered and original versions... in high definition. Warp over and order your copy today if you don't already own this!

News ImageJune: STAR TREK SET TOUR with Okudas & Drexler Mar 14, 2017
Located in upstate New York, the former "Star Trek: New Voyages" fan film sets – now an officially-licensed STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES exhibit – is hosting Trek art department veterans Mike Okuda, Denise Okuda, and Doug Drexler for a special set tour weekend this June. Limited tickets are still available for this unique event!

News ImageTrek Comics: NEW VISIONS #14 Feb 02, 2017
When Captain Kirk's brother Sam is arrested for murder at a Federation starbase, the Enterprise is assigned to bring the man back to Earth for trial. But when the starship encounters a Klingon battleship commanded by Koloth and Korax, the truth behind Sam's alleged crime may be more than meets the eye!

News ImageTOS Blu-ray Box: Just $39! Jan 09, 2017
The complete box set of "Star Trek: The Original Series" on Blu-ray has plummeted to just $39 today, a steep discount for the full run of the classic series in high definition! If you've been waiting to take the plunge into HD, there's no better time!

News ImageREVIEW: "Legacies - Purgatory's Key" Dec 24, 2016
The STAR TREK fiftieth anniversary trilogy concludes with "Purgatory's Key," the final chapter in the "Legacies" saga - while Sarek and Gorkon have been banished to an alternate dimension by Romulan agents, Kirk and the Enterprise crew must save the day!

News ImageREVIEW: "Legacies - Best Defense" Dec 17, 2016
The "Star Trek" 50th Anniversary novel trilogy continues, with David Mack's second entry in the "Legacies" saga - as Number One travels to another reality to rescue her long-lost crewmates, Captain Kirk and the Enterprise crew must come to the aid of Ambassador Sarek in the midst of dangerous negotiations with the Klingons!

News ImageTrek Comics: NEW VISONS #13 Dec 12, 2016
The Enterprise crew encounters a strange people who insist on keeping their citizens' faces hidden behind ornate metal masks - and after offending the species by baring their 'naked' faces, Captain Kirk and crew must hurdle the Prime Directive to support a rebellion inside the alien population!

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