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News ImageTrek Comics: NEW VISIONS #14 Feb 02, 2017
When Captain Kirk's brother Sam is arrested for murder at a Federation starbase, the Enterprise is assigned to bring the man back to Earth for trial. But when the starship encounters a Klingon battleship commanded by Koloth and Korax, the truth behind Sam's alleged crime may be more than meets the eye!

News ImageTOS Blu-ray Box: Just $39! Jan 09, 2017
The complete box set of "Star Trek: The Original Series" on Blu-ray has plummeted to just $39 today, a steep discount for the full run of the classic series in high definition! If you've been waiting to take the plunge into HD, there's no better time!

News ImageREVIEW: "Legacies - Purgatory's Key" Dec 24, 2016
The STAR TREK fiftieth anniversary trilogy concludes with "Purgatory's Key," the final chapter in the "Legacies" saga - while Sarek and Gorkon have been banished to an alternate dimension by Romulan agents, Kirk and the Enterprise crew must save the day!

News ImageREVIEW: "Legacies - Best Defense" Dec 17, 2016
The "Star Trek" 50th Anniversary novel trilogy continues, with David Mack's second entry in the "Legacies" saga - as Number One travels to another reality to rescue her long-lost crewmates, Captain Kirk and the Enterprise crew must come to the aid of Ambassador Sarek in the midst of dangerous negotiations with the Klingons!

News ImageTrek Comics: NEW VISONS #13 Dec 12, 2016
The Enterprise crew encounters a strange people who insist on keeping their citizens' faces hidden behind ornate metal masks - and after offending the species by baring their 'naked' faces, Captain Kirk and crew must hurdle the Prime Directive to support a rebellion inside the alien population!

News ImageLet STAR TREK: CATS Curl Up on Your Lap in 2017 Dec 01, 2016
Like "Star Trek"? Like cats? Who doesn't! Illustrator Jenny Parks brings a fantastical feline flair to the final frontier with her upcoming STAR TREK: CATS book due out this February - where the crew of the starship Enterprise explores the galaxy with nine lives each!

News ImageCracking Open THE RODDENBERRY VAULT With Roger Lay Nov 30, 2016
One of the most unique "Star Trek" home media releases is right around the corner, as STAR TREK: THE RODDENBERRY VAULT arrives in December with hours of new interviews and never-before seen cut footage and behind-the-scenes film from the set of the classic "Star Trek" series. Learn more about this project in our new interview with Blu-ray producer Roger Lay, Jr.!

News ImageNew Gallery: UK's Classic STAR TREK VHS Covers Nov 27, 2016
We've added a new collection of VHS cover scans from the UK's classic run of "Star Trek: The Original Series" video releases! Browse through these 90's era videotape artwork and find your favorites - courtesy of guest contributor Lee Hutchison!

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