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charliexhd001.jpgKirk: "Captain's Log, stardate 1533.6. Now manoeuvring to come alongside cargo vessel Antares. Its Captain and First officer are beaming over to us with an unusual passenger."
charliexhd005.jpgKirk: "All right, Chief, begin materialisation. Captain Ramart, I'm Captain Kirk."
Ramart: "This is my navigator Tom Nellis."
Kirk: "How do you do?"
Nellis: "How do you do?"
Ramart: "And this is our young castaway Charlie, Charlie Evans. His dossier."
charliexhd006.jpgKirk: "Mister Evans. We've heard a great deal about you. Welcome aboard."
Ramart: "Wonderful boy, Charlie. Its been an honour having him aboard."
Nellis: "Why, it's been a great pleasure. The things that he's learned in the last."
Ramart: "Absolutely. To think this boy spent practically his whole
charliexhd007.jpglife alone on that planet. Everyone killed, just a few microtapes to learn from."
Charlie: "How many humans like me on this ship?"
Ramart: "Like a whole city in space, Charlie. Over four hundred in the crew of a starship, aren't there, Captain?"
Kirk: "Four hundred and twenty eight, to be exact. Is there anything we can do for you, Captain? Medical supplies,
Charlie: "Hundreds. All human, like me. That's exciting. Is that the right word?"
Nellis: "That's perfect. It's the exact word."
Ramart: "You see. We'd like to keep Charlie with us, but with his closest living relatives on Colony Five and your vessel going that way, why..."
charliexhd013.jpgCharlie: "I'd like to see your ship now. All of it. The people and everything."
Kirk: "You keep interrupting, Mister Evans. That's considered wrong."
Charlie: "I'm sorry."
Kirk: "We have a large supply of entertainment tapes, gentlemen."
Ramart: "No, we've a tight schedule to make, Captain. Just twenty
charliexhd014.jpgof us, we're making out fine."
Kirk: "This must be a space first. A transport ship that doesn't need anything?"
Ramart: "Nothing."
Kirk: "Not even Sarian brandy?
Ramart: We're fine, thank you. Pleasant journey, Captain."
Kirk: "Thank you." (the pair are beamed off)
charliexhd028.jpgKirk: "Captain's Log, stardate 1533.7. We have taken aboard an unusual passenger for transport to Colony Alpha Five. Charles Evans, the sole survivor of a transport crash fourteen years ago. The child, alone from age three, has not only survived, but has grown to intelligent, healthy adolescence."
charliexhd031.jpgMcCoy: "Tell me. The ship's supply of food concentrates couldn't have lasted fourteen years."
Charlie: "After that I found other things to eat, just growing around."
McCoy: "And you learned to talk by just listening to the ship's tapes?"
Charlie: "The memory banks still worked. They talked to me, and
charliexhd037.jpgI talked back."
McCoy: "You're four-oh."
Charlie: "Four?"
McCoy: "Four-oh. One hundred percent. Sound of wind and limb."
Charlie: "That, that Captain. Kirk?"
McCoy: "Yeah."
Charlie: "Why does he call me Mister Evans?"
charliexhd041.jpgMcCoy: "Because that's your name."
Charlie: "He's not, well, he isn't like Captain Ramart."
McCoy: "Well, no. Captain Kirk is one of a kind, Charlie."
Charlie: "Do you like me?"
McCoy: "Why not?"
Charlie: "Some, the other ship, they didn't like me. I tried. I'm trying to make people like me. I want them to like me."
McCoy: "Most seventeen year olds do. Come on, let's go. I'll show you to your quarters."
charliexhd062.jpgCharlie: "I brought you a present."
Rand: "Oh, thank you. I really appreciate it, but, but I have to go. I'm on duty."
Charlie: "Do you like that kind?"
Rand: "Yes, I, it's my favourite. Where did you get it? They don't have any in the ship's stores."
Charlie: "It's a present."
charliexhd065.jpgRand: "I know, but where did? Gee, I'm late, Charlie. I really have to go."
Charlie: "Can't you stay and talk a little while?"
Rand: "Look, I'm off duty at fourteen hundred. Why don't you join me in recreation room six, deck three."
Charlie: "You got a deal, friend." (slaps her bottom)
Rand: "Charlie!"
charliexhd070.jpgCharlie: "I thought. Don't be angry. I didn't, I wanted."
Rand: "Charlie, you, you, you just don't go around slapping girls on the. It's okay, but er, just don't do it again."
Charlie: "Don't be angry."
Rand: "Look, why don't you tell Captain Kirk or Doctor McCoy what you did. They'll explain it to you. Okay?"
Charlie: "I will."
charliexhd081.jpgMcCoy: "But tell me, what reason would he have to lie if there are Thasians?"
Spock: "That is a very intriguing question. Scanners show no disturbances in this quadrant, Captain."
Kirk: "Good. Doctor McCoy, Mister Spock is working out..."
Uhura: "Excuse me, Captain. Status report."
Kirk: "Thank you. He's working out a training program for Charlie Evans. Earth history, his own background, that sort of thing. I'd like you to give him the necessary medical orientation on the problems of, um, er, adolescence."
charliexhd084.jpgMcCoy: "Well, don't you think it'd be better for a strong father image like you? He already looks up to you."
Kirk: "The job is yours, Bones. Flattery will get you nowhere."
Spock: "Doctor, didn't the boy make any reference at all to Thasians?"
Kirk: "Do you believe the legend, Mister Spock, that Thasians still exist on that planet in some form?"
charliexhd086.jpgSpock: "Charlie's very existence proves in fact there must be some intelligent form of life on Thasus. He could not possibly have survived alone. The ship's food concentrates would have been exhausted in a year or so."
McCoy: By which time he would have been eating fruits, vegetables."
Spock: "Probes of Thasus indicate very little edible plant life."
charliexhd087.jpgMcCoy: "And probes have been known to be wrong, Spock."
McCoy: "Doctor, are you speaking scientifically or emotionally?"
Kirk: "Gentlemen, the fact is the boy is here and he's alive and he needs our help."
McCoy: "And he needs a guide and he needs a father image, Jim."
Kirk: "Hmm. I'll depend on your astute abilities to supply him with that, or find him one."
charliexhd115.jpg(Spock is strumming his lyre when Uhura starts humming. Spock stops)
Uhura: "I'm sorry. I did it again, didn't I. (Spock smirks and begins playing again) (singing) Oh, on the starship Enterprise There's someone who's in Satan's guise Whose devil ears and devil eyes Could rip your heart from you. At first, his look could hypnotise And then his touch would barbarise His alien love could victimise
charliexhd128.jpgAnd rip your heart from you. And that's why female astronauts, Oh, very female astronauts Wait terrified and overwrought To find what he will do. Oh, girls in space, be wary, be wary, be wary, Girls in space, be wary. We know not what he'll do."
Rand: "One more time!"
Uhura: (singing) "Now from a planet out in space, there comes a lad, not commonplace. A-seeking out his first embrace. He's saving it for you. Oh, Charlie's our new darling, our darling, our darling. Charlie's our new darling. We know not what he'll do." (Uhura suddenly loses her voice and the lyre makes no sound)
charliexhd185.jpgKirk: "On Earth today, it's Thanksgiving. If the crew has to eat synthetic meat loaf, I want it to look like turkey."
charliexhd196.jpgUhura: "Can you boost your power, Antares. We're barely reading your transmission."
Ramart (Over communications):
"We're at full output, Enterprise. I must speak to Captain Kirk."
"Kirk here, Captain Ramart."
Ramart (Over communications):
"Captain, we're just barely in range. I've got to warn..."
charliexhd202.jpgKirk: "Re-establish contact."
"They're not transmitting."
"Keep trying."
"It wasn't very well constructed."
"Sweep the area of the Antares transmission with our probe scanners, Mister Spock."
"Affirmative, Captain."
charliexhd203.jpgKirk: "You think something happened to the Antares, Charlie?"
"I don't know."
"Picking up some debris on our scanners, Captain."
"What about the Antares?"
"The debris is what's left of the Antares." 
charliex096.jpgKirk: "Captain's Log, stardate 1535.8. USFA headquarters notified of the mysterious loss of science probe vessel Antares."
charliexhd258.jpgRand: "Oh, Charlie. I was looking for you. I'd like you to meet Tina Lawton, Yeoman Third Class. Charlie Evans."
Tina: "Hello, Charlie."
Rand: "I thought you might enjoy meeting someone your own age."
Charlie: "Can I talk to you, alone."
Rand: "Charlie, Tina's..."
charliexhd265.jpgTina: "Excuse me. I must be wanted somewhere."
Rand: "That was, that was rude and completely uncalled-for."
Charlie: "But I don't need her. I want to talk to you."
Rand: "That's no excuse. You'd better learn that right now. You have to live with people, Charlie. You're not alone anymore."
Charlie: "But she's not as. She doesn't. She's not the same. Not like you. She's, she's just a girl. You're, you smell like a girl. All
charliexhd270.jpgthe other girls on the ship they, they look just like Tina. You're the only one who looks like you. You can understand, can't you? You know about being with somebody? Wanting to be? If I had the whole universe I'd give it to you. When I see you, I feel like I'm hungry all over. Hungry. Do you know how that feels?"
charliexhd283.jpgKirk: "Charlie, do you know anything about this chess piece? Did you notice anything peculiar in them when we were using them this afternoon?"
"No, sir. Is that all?"
"Er, no. No, no. Sit down. Charlie, being seventeen is more than how many years you've lived. It's a whole other thing. Doctor McCoy could probably explain the biological conditions. Well, let's, charliexhd294.jpglet's use a specific. Yeoman Rand is a woman."
"Oh, I won't hit her like that anymore."
"No, there's more to it than that."
"Everything I do or say is wrong. I'm in the way, I don't know the rules, and when I learn something and try to do it, suddenly I'm wrong!"
"Now wait, wait."
charliexhd297.jpgCharlie: "I don't know what I am or what I'm supposed to be, or even who. I don't know why I hurt so much inside all the time."
"You'll live, believe me. There's nothing wrong with you that hasn't gone wrong with every other human male since the model first came up."
"What if you care for someone? What do you do?"
Kirk: "You go slow. You be gentle. I mean, charliexhd298.jpgit's not a one-way street, you know, how you feel and that's all. It's how the girl feels, too. Don't press, Charlie. If the girl feels anything for you at all, you'll know it. Do you understand?"
"You don't think Janice. You. She could love me!"
"She's not the girl, Charlie. The years are wrong, for one thing, and there are other things."
Charlie: "She can."
charliexhd299.jpgKirk: "No, Charlie."
"She is."
"But if I did what you said! If I was gentle!"
"Charlie, there are a million things in this universe you can have and there are a million things you can't have. It's no fun facing that, but that's the way things are.
charliexhd300.jpgCharlie: Then what am I going to do?"
"Hang on tight and survive. Everybody does."
"You don't."
"Everybody, Charlie. Me, too."
"I'm trying, but I don't know how."
charliexhd330.jpgKirk: "Go to your quarters."
Charlie: "He was going to hurt me."
Kirk: "Go to your quarters or I'll pick you up and carry you there."
charliexhd397.jpgSpock: "Thasians have been referred to in our records as having the power to transmute objects or render substances invisible. It has generally been regarded as legend, but Charlie does seems to possess this same power."
Kirk: "What are chances that Charlie's not an Earthling, that he's a Thasian?"
McCoy: "No, I don't think so, not unless they're exactly like
charliexhd399.jpgEarthlings. The development of his fingers and toes exactly matches the present development of mans on Earth."
Spock: "Agreed."
Kirk: "Well, whatever he is, we have some idea of the power he has. I know what I saw him do in the gymnasium."
McCoy: "Considering the effect a normal adolescent has on a home, Charlie with the power he has."
charliexhd401.jpgKirk: "Short-tempered, because he doesn't understand. He needs, he wants. Nothing happens fast enough."
Spock: The probability is he's responsible for the destruction of the Antares, which would indicate a total disregard for human life."
Kirk: "He doesn't understand what life is. He's a boy."
McCoy: "Well, what do we do with this boy, Jim? How do we keep him caged up?"
charliexhd411.jpgKirk: "It goes even further than that, Doctor. We can't take him with us to Earth Colony Five. Can you imagine what he'd do in an open, normal environment. I've talked with him, listened. He's a boy in a man's body, trying to be an adult with the adolescence in him getting in the way."
Spock: "And with a weapon in him which could destroy you or anyone, anywhere on this ship."
charliexhd412.jpgMcCoy: "Well, for the moment he's stopped. You're an authority he respects, Jim."
Spock: "Agreed. The struggle must remain between you and him. Should any of us interfere..." (Charlie enters under guard)
Charlie: "You wanted to ask me something, he said."
Kirk: "Are you responsible for what happened to the Antares, Charlie?"
charliexhd413.jpgCharlie: "Why?"
Kirk: "Answer me."
Charlie: "Yes. There was a warped baffle-plate on the shield of their energy pile. I made it go away. It would've blown up anyway. Well they weren't nice to me! They wanted to get rid of me. They don't now."
Kirk: "What about us, Charlie?"
Charlie: "I don't know." (leaves)
Spock: "We're in the hands of an adolescent."
charliexhd416.jpgKirk: "Lieutenant, raise Colony Five. I want to speak directly to the governor."
Uhura: "Yes, sir."
Kirk: "Navigator, lay a course away from Colony Five. Buy me some time."
Navigator: "Yes, sir."
(Uhura's console short-circuits and she is thrown to the floor)
charliexhd418.jpgKirk: "Spock, get the doctor up here on the double. How bad is it?"
Uhura: "I think it's all right, sir. Sir, there's no reason for that panel to cross-circuit like that. I checked it over myself not fifteen minutes ago."
Navigator: "Captain! I can't feed any course co-ordinates into the panel, sir. It rejects the course change."
Pilot: "Helm doesn't respond either, sir." charliexhd421.jpg(Charlie enters)
Kirk: "Mister Spock, you getting any readings on your instruments?"
Spock: "Yes, sir. There's a Tyger, tyger, burning bright in the forest of the night."
Kirk: "Mister Spock."
Spock: "I'm trying to Saturn rings around my head, down a road
that's Martian red."
charliexhd424.jpgCharlie: "You're trying to change course, Captain. You can't do that. I want to get to Colony Five as soon as we can."
Kirk: "Release the transmitter."
Charlie: "You don't need all that subspace chatter."
McCoy: "What's going on here? Spock calls me to the Bridge and goes into some kind of poetry."
Kirk: "See to her, Doctor".
charliexhd433.jpgSpock: "Once upon a midnight dreary while I pondered, weak and weary."
Charlie: "Very nice, Mister Ears. Oh, I can make him do anything, whirl around, laugh, anything."
Kirk: "That's enough, Charlie."
Charlie: "Don't you think he's funny? I think he's funny."
Kirk: "Leave my crew alone."
charliexhd508.jpgUhura: "Captain Kirk, my instruments show we're receiving a message on subspace frequency three, ship-to-ship. I can't hear it, sir."
Kirk: "Are you creating that message, Charlie, or you're blocking one that's coming in."
Charlie: "It's my game, Captain. You have to find out. Like you said, that's how the game's played. You can have it now. I've
charliexhd509.jpglocked on course for Colony Five again." (leaves)
Kirk: "I've waited long enough. I'm going to take him on."
McCoy: "You don't have any special immunity. Not anymore. Pushed far enough, he'd send you off to oblivion, too."
Kirk: "Mister Spock?"
Spock: "Out of the question."
Kirk: "Wait a minute. Does Charlie? Now, wait, Spock, has he
charliexhd510.jpgdone away with anybody since he took over?"
Spock: "Not so far as we know."
Kirk: "Maybe he can't. Could be he's overreached himself. It's a big ship. He's taken full control. If we could tax his power, turn on every device on the ship, every circuit, every light, all of it, and while he's fighting that, if I could distract him, maybe you could tranquilize him, keep him under until we reach Colony Five."
charliexhd513.jpgMcCoy: "Risky, Jim."
Kirk: "If we don't try, Doctor, he'll get rid of us anyway. There's no choice, gentlemen, none at all."
Charlie: "I can make you all go away anytime I want to."
Kirk: "Get out of my chair, Charlie, and get out of it now."
Charlie: "I've got your ship, Captain."
charliexhd517.jpgCharlie: "Stop it. I said stop it!"
Spock: "Captain, the navigation console is clear now. The ship is answering the helm."
Uhura: "Sir, something off our starboard bow. The message says they're from Thasus." (Rand reappears)
Charlie: "Oh."
Rand: "Captain, how did I?"
Kirk: "It's all right, Yeoman."
Spock: "Sensors show there something's there, Captain. Deflectors indicate no solid substance."
Charlie: "No! Oh, no, please, don't let them take me. I can't live with them anymore."
charliexhd539.jpgThasian: "I have taken my form from centuries ago, so that I may communicate with you. We did not realise until too late that the boy had gone, and we are saddened that his escape cost the lives of the first ship. We could not help them, but we have returned your people and your ship to you. Everything is as it was."
Charlie: "I won't do it again. Please, I'll be good. I won't ever do it
again. I'm sorry about the Antares. I'm charliexhd543.jpgsorry! When I came aboard! Please, I want to go with you. Help me!
Kirk: "The boy belongs with his own kind."
Thasian: "That would be impossible".
Kirk: "With training, we can teach him to live in our society. If he can be taught not to use his power."
Thasian: "We gave him the power so he could live. He will use it, always, and he would destroy you and your kind, or you would be
charliexhd563.jpgforced to destroy him to save yourselves."
Kirk: "Is there nothing you can do?"
Thasian: "We offer him life, and we will take care of him. Come, Charles."
Charlie: "Oh, please, don't let them take me. I can't even touch them! Janice, they can't feel. Not like you! They don't love! Please, I want to stay." (fades away)

charliexhd572.jpgKirk: "It's all right, Yeoman. It's all over now."