Episode Behind the Scenes


Charlie's "wrap-around" tunic he wears in the final scenes of the episode would later be used as the basis for Captain Kirk's "Captain's Tunic" in the second season, albeit with a different colour.
The crewmembers from the Antares wear the uniform tunics from "Where No Man Has Gone Before".
Gene Roddenberry has a small cameo as the voice of the Enterprise chef who informs Captain Kirk over the intercom that there are real turkeys in the ovens.
In a blooper, when Kirk and Charlie head to the bridge after Kirk speaks with the chef, he arrives wearing his green tunic, despite of the fact he entered the turbolift wearing his regular gold uniform.

Charlie is being examined by Bones, but when they cut to a close-up, we see a reflection of Charlie standing up staring at something off camera.
When the captain of the Antares is trying to warn Kirk of Charlie's abilities, Kirk is in the corridor talking to Charlie about not slapping girls on the butt. He says, "I'm on my way to the bridge now," and gets on the turbolift wearing his usual yellow shirt. When he arrives on the bridge he is wearing the green tunic.
Gene Roddenberry's voice can be heard and only this episode.
George Takei has an un-credited cameo as Sulu who responds to Kirk's order to have security report to the gymnasium.