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wherenomanhasgonebeforehd001.jpgKirk: "Captain's log, stardate: 1312.4. The impossible has happened. We're picking up a distress signal, from directly ahead we are picking up the call letters of a vessel which has been missing for over two centuries. Did another Earth ship probed outside of our galaxy? What happened to it out there? Is this some warning they've left behind?"
wherenomanhasgonebeforehd005.jpgMr. Spock: "Your move, Captain."
Kirk: "We should have intercepted by now. Bridge said they'd call..."
Mr. Spock: "I'll have you checkmated your next move."
Kirk: "Hahaha. Have I ever mentioned you play a very irritating game of chess, Mr. Spock?"
Mr. Spock: "Irritating? Ah, yes. One of your Earth emotions."
wherenomanhasgonebeforehd018.jpgScotty: "Materializer ready, sir."
Kirk: "Bring it aboard."
(The device is beamed aboard)
Kirk: "An old style ship recorder. They were ejected if something threatened the ship."
Mr. Spock: "More like destroyed the ship in this case. Look at it. Burnt, pitted."
wherenomanhasgonebeforehd020.jpgKirk: "Lets hope it tapes are intact. We'll feed it through Mr. Spock's computer."
Scotty: "Yes, sir."
(starts to beep)
Scotty: "Its begun to transmit, sir."
Mr. Spock: "Flash the bridge! Put decks on the alert!"
wherenomanhasgonebeforehd042.jpgKirk: "Screen on."
Kelso: "Screen on, sir. Approaching galaxy edge."
Kirk: "Neutralize warp, Mr. Mitchell. Hold this position."
Mitchell : "Neutralized warp, sir."
Kirk: "Address intercraft."
Mitchell: "Intercraft open"
Kirk: "This is the captain speaking. The object we encountered a
wherenomanhasgonebeforehd044.jpg ship distress recorder, apparently ejected from the S.S.Valiant almost 200 years ago... "
Mr. Spock: "Tapes are burnt out. Trying the memory banks."
Kirk: "We hope to learn what the Valiant was doing here and what destroyed the vessel. We will move out into our probe when we we have those answers. All decks standby."
Mitchell: "Department heads, sir. You wanted everybody on thewherenomanhasgonebeforehd061.jpg bridge before we left the galaxy."
Kirk: "Uh, Jones?"
Yeoman Smith: "The name's Smith, sir."
Sulu: "Astrosciences standing by, Captain."
Scotty: "Engineering division ready as always."
Dr. Piper: "Life Sciences is ready, sir. This is Dr. Dehner who joined the ship at the Aldebaran colony."wherenomanhasgonebeforehd075.jpg
Dr. Dehner: "Psychiatry, Captain. My assignment is to study crew reaction in emergency conditions."
Mr. Spock: "Getting something from the recorder now."
Dr. Dehner: "If there was an emergency, I'd be interested in how that crew reacted, too."
Mitchell: "Well, improving the breed, Doctor. Is that your line?"
Dr. Dehner: "I heard that's more your speciality, Commander. Line included."
wherenomanhasgonebeforehd112.jpgMr. Spock: "Seven crewmen dead. No, make that six. One crewman seemed to have recovered. That's when they became interested in ESP. More than interested. Almost frantic about it. No, this must be garbled. I get something about 'destruct'. I must've read it wrong, it sounded like the captain giving an order to destroy his own ship."
Kirk: "Comments?"
Dr. Piper: "The only fact we have for sure is that the S.S. Valiant was destroyed."
Kirk: "Probably the best argument to continue the probe. Other vessels will be heading out here one day and have to know what they are facing. We're leaving the galaxy, Mr. Mitchell. Ahead warp factor one."
wherenomanhasgonebeforehd204.jpgKirk: "Take damage reports!"
Mr. Spock: "Damage control reports, all stations!"
Crewman: "Gravity control switching to batteries."
Dr. Dehner: "Something...hit me...like an electrical charge."
Dr. Piper: "He's alive. Appears to be in shock."
Crewman: "Engineering deck 3, can you give
damage report?"
Crewman: "Sensor beams. Full power on the deflectors."wherenomanhasgonebeforehd223.jpg
Mr. Spock: "Main engines are out, sir. We're on emergency power cells. Casualties: nine dead."
Crewman: "Gravity is down to .8."
Crewman: "All decks, this is bridge engineering. Due to emergency conditions 3..."
Kirk: "Gary...Gary, are you all right?"
Mitchell: "I'm a little weak for some reason, Jim, but I feel all right now."
wherenomanhasgonebeforehd228.jpgKirk: "Captain's log, stardate: 1312.9. Ship's condition: heading back on impulse power only, main engines burned out, the ship's space warp ability; gone. Earth bases which were only days away are now years in the distance. Our overriding question now is what destroyed the Valiant? They lived through the barrier just as we have. What happened to them after that?"
Mr. Spock: "He's reading faster now than just a few moments ago. Is that Gary Mitchell, the one you used to know?"
Kirk: "Put a 24 hour watch on sickbay. Fullest possible range of examinations and tests."
wherenomanhasgonebeforehd305.jpgDr. Dehner: "Do you remember everything you read that quickly?"
Mitchell: "Yeah."
Dr. Dehner: "On any tape?"
Mitchell: "Sure. Yeah."
Dr. Dehner: "Try this one."
Mitchell: "Yeah."
Dr. Dehner: "Page 387."
Mitchell: "'My love has wings, slender, feathered things with grace in upswept curve and tapered tip.' Nightingale Woman, written by Tarbolde on the Canopius planet back in 1996. It's funny you picked that one, Doctor."
Dr. Dehner: "Why?"
Mitchell: "That's one of the most passionate love sonnets of the past couple of centuries. How do you feel, Doctor?"
Dr. Dehner: "What?"
Mitchell: "How do you feel?"
Dr. Dehner: "I just fell. Nothing happened."
Mitchell: "No? Are you sure? Are you sure?"
wherenomanhasgonebeforehd343.jpgKelso: "Well, it didn't make any sense that he'd know, but naturally, I checked out the circuit anyway. I don't know how, but he was right. This point is burned out exactly the way he described it."
Dr. Dehner: "Sorry I'm late. I became so interested in observing Gary...Mr. Mitchell."
Mr. Spock: "Our subject is not Gary Mitchell. Our concern is what
wherenomanhasgonebeforehd349.jpg he is mutating into."
Dr. Dehner: "I know those from your planet aren't suppose to have feelings like we do, but to talk that way about a man you've worked next to for years is worse than..."
Kirk: "Thats enough, Doctor."
Dr. Dehner: "I don't think so. I understand you least of all. Gary told me you've been friends since he joined the service, that you
wherenomanhasgonebeforehd354.jpg asked for him aboard your first command."
Kirk: "It is my duty, whether pleasant or unpleasant, to listen to the reports, observations, even speculations, on any subject that might affect the safety of this vessel. And it's my science officer's duty to see I'm provided with that. Go ahead, Mr. Spock."
Mr. Spock: "Have you noted evidence of unusual powers?"
Dr. Dehner: "He can control certain autonomic reflexes. He readswherenomanhasgonebeforehd362.jpg very fast, retains more than most of us might consider usual."
Kirk: "Mr. Scott, would you repeat what you just told us?"
Scotty: "About an hour ago, the bridge control started going crazy; levers shifting by themselves, buttons being pushed, instrument readings changing!"
Mr. Spock: "And on my monitor screen, I could see Mitchell smiling each time it happened, as if this ship and crew were
wherenomanhasgonebeforehd372.jpg almost a toy for his amusement."
Kirk: "Are they right, Doctor? Has he shown abilities of such magnitude?"
Dr. Dehner: "I saw some such indications."
Kirk: "And you didn't think it worth mentioning?"
Dr. Dehner: "No one's been hurt, have they?! Don't you understand?! A mutated superior man could also be a wonderfulwherenomanhasgonebeforehd378.jpg thing. The forerunner of a new and better kind of human being!"
Kirk: "Mr. Sulu?"
Sulu: "lf you want the mathematics of this, Mitchell's ability is increasing geometrically. That is like having a penny, doubling it every day. In a month, you'll be a millionaire."
Mr. Spock: "In less time than that, he will have attained powers we can't understand and can't cope with. Soon we'll be not only useless to him, but actually an annoyance."
Kirk: "There'll be no discussion of this with the crew. Thank you."
Mr. Spock: "We'll never reach an Earth base with him aboard, Jim. You heard the mathematics of it. In a month he'll have as much in common with us as we'd have with a ship full of white mice."
Kirk: "Well, I need a recommendation, Spock, not vague warnings."
Mr. Spock: "Recommendation one: there's a planet a few light-days away from here, Delta Vega. It has a lithium cracking station. We may be able to adapt some of its power packs to our engines."
Kirk: "And if we can't, we'll be trapped in orbit there. We haven't enough power to blast back out."
Mr. Spock: "It is the only possible way to get Mitchell off this ship."
Kirk: "lf you mean strand Mitchell there, I won't do it! The station is fully automated. There's not a soul on the whole planet. Even the ore ships call only once every 20 years."
Mr. Spock: "Then you have one other choice. Kill Mitchell while you still can."
Kirk: "Get out of here."
Mr. Spock: "It is your only other choice, assuming you make it while you still have time."
Kirk: "Will you try for one moment to feel? At least act like you've got a heart! We're talking about Gary."
Mr. Spock: "The captain of the Valiant probably felt the same way and he waited too long to make his decision. I think we've both guessed that."
Kirk: "Set course for Delta Vega."



wherenomanhasgonebeforehd535.jpgKirk: "...Stardate: 1313.1. We're now approaching Delta Vega. Course set for a standard orbit. This planet, completely uninhabited, is slightly smaller than Earth. Desolate, but rich in crystal and minerals. Kelso's task: transport down with a repair party, try to regenerate the main engines, save the ship. Our task: transport down a man I've known for 15 years and, if we're successful, maroon him there."
wherenomanhasgonebeforehd480.jpgDr. Dehner: "There's not a soul on this planet but us?"
Kirk: "Nobody but us chickens, Doctor."
wherenomanhasgonebeforehd542.jpgScotty: "It fits like a glove, Captain. Oh, did Mr. Spock get the phaser rifle we sent down?"
Kirk: "I didn't order any..." (Mr. Spock walks in with rifle in hand) "Affirmative, landing party out."
wherenomanhasgonebeforehd558.jpgKirk: "...Stardate 1313.3. Note commendations on Lieutenant Kelso and the engineering staff. In orbit above us, the engines of the Enterprise are almost fully regenerated. Balance of the landing party is being transported back up. Mitchell, whatever he's become, keeps changing, growing stronger by the minute."
wherenomanhasgonebeforehd573.jpgMitchell: "You should have killed me while you could, James. Command and compassion is a fool's mixture."
wherenomanhasgonebeforehd719.jpgMitchell: "Time to pray, Captain. Pray to me."
irk: "To you? Not to both of you?"
Mitchell: "Pray that you die easily!"
(Kirk is forced to his knees)
Kirk: "There'll only be one of you in the end." (Kirk is in pain) "One jealous God...if all this makes a God! Or is it making you something else?"
Mitchell: "Your last chance, Kirk..."
Kirk: "Do you like what you see? Absolute power corrupting absolutely!"
wherenomanhasgonebeforehd872.jpgKirk: "Captain's log, stardate: 1313.8. Add to official losses: Dr. Elizabeth Dehner; be it noted she gave her life in performance of her duty. Lieutenant Commander Gary Mitchell; same notation."
wherenomanhasgonebeforehd879.jpgKirk: "I want his service record to end that way. He didn't ask for what happened to him."
Mr. Spock: "I felt for him, too."
Kirk: "I believe there's some hope for you after all, Mr. Spock."