Episode Behind the Scenes


After NBC rejected the original pilot episode "The Cage", NBC, for the first time in history, ordered another pilot created for "Star Trek", but asked for more action and less dialogue, which led to the fist-fight scene between Captain Kirk and Gary Mitchell. 
Mr. Spock and the Enterprise are the only two elements from "The Cage" to survive to this pilot.
Jeffrey Hunter, who played Captain Pike in the original pilot was unavailable for this second pilot, causing the captain's role to be completely rewritten and William Shatner cast instead.
Gary Lockwood, who plays Gary Mitchell, had previously starred in Gene Roddenberry's series "The Lieutenant".
This is the only episode of classic "Star Trek" where Mr. Spock doesn't wear his traditional blue tunic.
This is the first appearance of Captain James Kirk, Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu and Lieutenant Commander Montgomery "Scotty" Scott.
Where as in "The Cage", no one dies, in this episode Gary Mitchell, Dr. Elizabeth Dehner, Lieutenant Lee Kelso, plus nine others die.
Captain Kirk's tombstone reads "JAMES R. KIRK." His name would later be changed to "JAMES T. KIRK." (The "T" would later be revealed to stand for "Tiberius" in the "Star Trek: The Animated Series" episode "Bem".)
The Enterprise would later breach the galactic barrier in "By Any Other Name."
Fans speculate that the ship that flies towards the moon in the opening credits on "Star Trek: Enterprise" is the S.S. Valiant referenced here.
Ronald D. Moore had wanted to name the starship from "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" "Valiant", after the ship referenced in this episode, but settled with "Defiant" after the ship from "The Tholian Web". A Defiant-class ship would eventually carry the name Valiant in the episode "Valiant".
Scotty refers to the transporter as "the materializer", even though Number One had already used the term "transporter" in "The Cage".
Captain Kirk claims he's been worried about Gary Mitchell ever since "that night on Deneb IV." Deneb IV was the location of Farpoint Station in the "Star Trek: The Next Generation" pilot "Encounter at Farpoint" The Deneb star system was also the destination of the Enterprise-E in the alternate ending to "Star Trek Nemesis".
First instance of a phaser rifle. Such a weapon would not be seen again until "The Mind's Eye", an episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation".
Gary Mitchell is the first "Star Trek" character to come back from the dead.
Gene Roddenberry had wanted DeForest Kelley to play the role of the ship's doctor in this pilot as well as in "The Cage", but director James Goldstone wanted Paul Fix in the role. Roddenberry relented so the studio would beg him to replace Fix with Kelley.
Writer Samuel L. Peeples also wrote the first episode of "Star Trek: The Animated Series", "Beyond the Farthest Star".

When Scotty and Dehner were standing on the bridge, when the Enterprise is about to go through the Great Barrier, you can see them holding hands. Then when the bridge starts acting like it's about to give way, you see Dehner pushing his hand away when looking at the camera.
When Dehner is in Sickbay with Mitchell and looking at the library tapes he's viewed, right when she asks him "Do you remember eveything you read that quickly?" and steps over to the tape viewer, you can see a boom mike shadow go across her head.
When we first see the phaser rifle, the stock is oriented horizontal to the rest of the phaser. But when Kirk is climbing over the rocks hunting for Mitchell, there is a shot where it rotates 90 degrees and is oriented vertically to the rest of the phaser body.
A lot of people seem to have the wrong patches on their uniforms, Gary Mitchell had an science patch on his shirt but he was an engineering officer and Dr. Dehner had an engineering patch despite the fact that she was a science officer.
When Kirk fires his phaser rifle at the rock, the explosive squib is partially visible.
When Kirk fired the phaser rifle the second time, we continue hearing the sound even though the beam had stopped.
When Spock was searching for info on ESP, the heights of Gary Mitchell & Elizabeth Dehner were switched.
A bootleg copy of this episode had circulated around conventions and fans for a number of years. In this bootleg copy, there is an alternate introduction by Captain Kirk. In it, he states over an image of the galaxy: "Enterprise log. Captain James Kirk commanding. We are leaving that vast cloud of stars and planets which we call our galaxy. Behind us, Earth, Mars, Venus, even our sun are specs of dust. A question: what is out there in the black void beyond?" As the Enterprise comes into view, Kirk continues: "Until now, our mission has been that of space law regulation, contact with Earth colonies, and investigation of alien life. But now, a new task; a probe out into where no man has gone before." At which point, the title "STAR TREK" zooms towards the camera, in a typeface more similar to that used in "The Cage", followed by the credit "CREATED BY GENE RODDENBERRY." They are then replaced by the single credit "STARRING WILLIAM SHATNER" followed by a fade out. When the episode resumes, the words "STAR TREK ACT I" appear on screen and the episode proceeds as normal until Scotty says "It's begun transmitting, sir." Once said, the title "TONIGHT'S EPISODE, "WHERE NO MAN HAS GONE BEFORE" appear on screen and Kirk, Mr. Spock and Scotty gaze at the flashing recorder beacon. After Kirk and Spock exit the transporter room, the camera follows them out into the corridor where the credit "CO-STARRING LEONARD NIMOY AS MR. SPOCK" appears. As the camera tracks the crew moving around the corridors, the voice of Lieutenant Kelso booms over the intercom "Bridge to all decks, condition: alert." As Yeoman Smith walks past the camera, Gary Mitchell comes into view and makes a hand motion towards her while he leers at another female crewmember. As he walks away from the camera, the credit "GUEST STARS GARY LOCKWOOD" appears on screen followed by "AND SALLY KELLERMAN." As Kelso continues his announcements, Sulu and Dr. Piper walk past the camera. We then cut to Kirk and Spock waiting for the turbolift and the episode proceeds as normal. The only other difference in this bootleg copy is the end credits, which uses a different piece of music over an abbreviated set of credits that never refers to the characters by their names, only their positions. (FEATURING PAUL FIX AS SHIP'S DOCTOR, GEORGE TAKEI AS SHIP'S PHYSICIST, JAMES DOOHAN AS ENGINEERING CHIEF, etc.) This version of the episode has never been seen on television or released on home video or DVD.