Episode Trivia


When Spock and Kirk are playing chess at the beginning of the episode, Spock actually smiles when he says "One of your Earth emotions". This is a contradiction to the rest of the Star Trek series as Vulcans do have emotions, but they supress them. As this is the second pilot (after "The Cage"), at this point they hadn't established that Vulcans weren't emotionless, or that Spock never smiles except under extreme circumstances.
Although Delta Vega is established to be an uninhabited mining planet and it is only visited "once every 20 years" by freighters it has a fully functional brig complete with forceshield and bed.
When Kirk and Spock watch Gary on the viewscreen reviewing library data, Mitchell just keeps bringing up the same page over and over.
The computer lists a 7" difference in height between Dehner and Mitchell, but when they go into a detention cell you can see they're almost exactly the same height.
Dehner was born stardate 1089.5 (she's age 21) and Mitchell is born 1087.7 (age 23). But...the episode starts on 1312.4 and ends on 1313.8. So does the digit to the left of the decimal indicate day or year - these two uses contradict each other.
In the fight scene between Kirk and Mitchell, William Shatner's stunt double has hair noticeably lighter than Shatner's.
The "bootleg version" of the second TOS pilot "Where No Man Has Gone Before" is actually the version which Roddenberry showed to NBC executives. It was later shown on the World SF Convention in September, 1966. For the television broadcast the episode was changed and was given the standard first season opening.
Kirk's face is cut in the fight with Mitchell and he injures his hand, but when they warp out of orbit his face is unmarked - he's still wearing a bandage on his hand.