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thenakedtimehd0001.jpgKirk: "Captain's Log. Our position, orbiting Psi 2000, an ancient world, now a frozen wasteland, about to rip apart in its death throes. Our mission, pick up a scientific party below, observe the disintegration of the planet."
thenakedtimehd0013.jpgSpock: "Be certain we expose ourselves to nothing. Spock here. Do you read, Enterprise?"
Kirk (Communicator): "Kirk, affirmative."
Spock: "All station personnel are dead."
Kirk (Communicator): "What caused it?"
Spock: "Unknown, Captain. It's like nothing we've dealt with before."
thenakedtimehd0062.jpgKirk: "Captain's Log: Stardate 1704.2. The science party we were to have picked up has been found dead. Life support systems had been turned off. Station personnel, frozen to death. Conditions highly unusual. Meanwhile, we remain in orbit to complete our mission, close scientific measurement of the break-up of this planet."
thenakedtimehd0074.jpgSpock: "You received my signal, Mister Scott."
Scotty: "Yes, sir. Decontaminate."

thenakedtimehd0120.jpgMcCoy: "Mister Spock? Your pulse is two hundred and forty two, your blood pressure is practically nonexistent, assuming you call that green stuff in your veins blood."
Spock: "The readings are perfectly normal for me, Doctor, thank you, and as for my anatomy being different from yours, I am delighted."
thenakedtimehd0157.jpgKirk: "Almost as though they were irrational, drugged. An engineer sitting there, apparently oblivious to everything. A woman strangled. A crewman with a phaser pistol in his hand."
Spock: "He'd used the computer room as if it were an amusement gallery."
Kirk: "And a fully clothed man frozen to death in a shower. If the image wasn't so ugly, it would be laughable."
thenakedtimehd0173.jpgKirk: "The purpose of a briefing, gentlemen, is to get me answers based on your abilities and experience. In a critical orbit, there's no time for surprise."
Scotty: "Unless you people on the Bridge start taking showers with your clothes on, my engines can pull us out of anything. We'll be warping out of orbit within a half second of getting your
Uhura (Over Comm): "Bridge to Captain."
thenakedtimehd0175.jpgKirk: "Kirk here."
Uhura: "Scanners report sudden four degree shift in planet magnetic field. A change in mass also, sir."
Spock: "It's beginning. Unusually rapid shifts."
Kirk: "On our way, Lieutenant. I'll hold you to that half second, Scotty."
thenakedtimehd0230.jpgSulu: "Joey. You feeling all right?"
Tormolen: "Get off me! You don't rank me and you don't have pointed ears, so just get off my neck!"
Sulu: "What's with him?"
Tormolen: "Nothing!"
thenakedtimehd0325.jpgKirk: "Captain's Log, supplemental. Our orbit tightening. Our need for efficiency, critical. But unknown to us, a totally new and unusual disease has been brought aboard."
thenakedtimehd0474.jpgSpock: "Why isn't Mister Sulu at this station?"
"Magnetic pull compensated for, sir. Orbit steady."
"Take over here, Rand." (a male, not Janice)
"Yes, sir."
"You haven't answered my question. Where is Mister Sulu?"
"Have no fear, O'Riley's here. One Irishman is worth ten thenakedtimehd0480.jpgthousand of you..."
"You're relieved, Mister Riley. Lieutenant Uhura, take over this station."
"Yes, sir."
"Now that's what I like. Let the women work too. Universal suffrage."
"Report to Sickbay, Mister Riley."
thenakedtimehd0493.jpgRiley: "Sickbay? Exactly where I was heading, sir."
"Security. Mister Riley is headed for Sickbay. See to it he arrives. Captain Kirk to the Bridge."
thenakedtimehd0520.jpgRiley: "You know what Joe's mistake was? He wasn't born an Irishman."
thenakedtimehd0565.jpgSulu: (brandishing foil) "Richelieu, beware! Stand. No farther. No escape for you. You either leave this bois bloodied, or with my blood on your swords. (Chases them down the corridor) Cowards!"
thenakedtimehd0617.jpgSulu: "Richelieu, at last."
Kirk: "Sulu, put that (discovers that the point is sharp) put that thing away."
Sulu: "For honour, Queen, and France!" (lunges)
Uhura: Sulu.
Sulu: "Ah."
Uhura: "Sulu, give me that."
thenakedtimehd0621.jpgSulu: "I'll protect you, fair maiden."
Uhura: "Sorry, neither."
Sulu: "Foul Richelieu." (distracted by Uhura's escape, Kirk is able to grab Sulu and Spock does a neck-pinch)
Kirk: "I'd like you to teach me that sometime."
Spock: "Take D'Artagnon here to Sickbay."
Kirk: "Scotty, we need power. Engine room, acknowledge!"
thenakedtimehd0668.jpgRiley (Over Comm): "You rang, sir?
Kirk: Who's this?"
Riley: "This is Captain Kevin Thomas Riley of the starship Enterprise."
Riley (Over Comm): "And who is this?"
Kirk: "This is Captain Kirk. Get out of the engine room, navigator. Where's Mister Scott?"
Riley (Over Comm): "I've relieved Mister Scott of his duties."
thenakedtimehd0696.jpgRiley (Over Comm): "Now, attention, cooks. This is your captain speaking. I would like double portions of ice cream for the entire crew."
Kirk: "Clear that tube, will you?"
Uhura: "Yes, sir."
Riley (Over Comm): "And now, your captain will render an ancient Irish favourite. (sings) I'll take you home again Kathleen..." thenakedtimehd0698.jpg(Continues to sing)
Spock: "Captain. At our present rate of descent, we have less than twenty minutes before we enter planet atmosphere."
Kirk: "And burn up. I know, Mister Spock."
Riley (Over Comm continues singing): "Wild and wide to where your heart..."
thenakedtimehd0710.jpgKirk: "Captain's Log, stardate 1704.4. Ship out of control, spiraling down towards planet Psi 2000. We have nineteen minutes of life left without engine power or helm control."
thenakedtimehd0727.jpgRiley: (singing) "The roses all have left your cheeks. I've watched them fade away and die..."
thenakedtimehd0744.jpgRiley: "Lieutenant Uhura, you've interrupted my song. I'm sorry, but there'll be no ice cream for you tonight."
Kirk: "Cut him off."
Uhura: "I can't, sir. There's no way to do it."
Riley (Over Comm): "Attention, crew. This is Captain Riley. There will be a formal dance in the bowling alley at nineteen hundred hours tonight."
Spock: "No way, Captain. He controls the main power panels. He can override any channel from down there. Seventeen minutes left, sir."
thenakedtimehd0781.jpgRiley: "This is Captain Riley. Crew, I have some additional orders. In the future, all female crew members will wear their hair loosely, about their shoulders."
Riley (Over Comm): "And use restraint in putting on your makeup. Women, women should not look made up. And now, crew, I will render Kathleen one more time!"
Kirk: "Please, not again."
thenakedtimehd0822.jpg(Crewmember with a paint brush laughs and doesn't stop)
Spock: "Crewman, report to the lab!"
Moody: (singing) "I'll take you home again Janice..."
Spock: "What's going on?"
Rand: "Mister Spock, I'm trying to get to the Bridge and this crewman won't let me by."
Spock: "Crewman, stand aside."
thenakedtimehd0832.jpgMoody: "Oh, yes, sir. I'll take you home again, Janice"
(Moody starts to sing again)
Rand: "Spock!"
thenakedtimehd0904.jpgSpock: "Nurse? Where is Doctor McCoy?"
Chapel: "He's gone to the lab."
Spock: "Lab. Lab, respond please. Spock here. Lab!"
Chapel: "Mister Spock."
Spock: "What is it, Nurse?"
Chapel: "Mister Spock, (takes his hand) the men from Vulcan treat their women strangely. At least, people say that, but you're
thenakedtimehd0939.jpgpart human too. I know you don't, you couldn't, hurt me, would you? I'm in love with you, Mister Spock. You, the human Mister Spock, the Vulcan Mister Spock."
Spock: "Nurse, you should..."
Chapel: "Christine, please. I see things, how honest you are. I know how you feel. You hide it, but you do have feeling. Oh, how we must hurt you, torture you."
thenakedtimehd0944.jpgSpock: "I'm in control of my emotions."
Chapel: "The others believe that. I don't. I love you. I don't know why, but I love you. I do love you just as you are. Oh, I love you."
thenakedtimehd1005.jpgSpock: (close to tears) "I'm in control of my emotions. Control of my emotions. I am an officer. An officer. My duty. My duty is, is. My duty is to, to. Too late. I'm sorry. To. Two, four, six. Six. Six times six. Six time six..." (cries)
thenakedtimehd1013.jpgScotty: "Captain."
Kirk: "What is it?"
Scotty: "He's turned the engines off. Completely cold. It will take thirty minutes to regenerate them."
Uhura (Over Comm): "Ship's outer skin is beginning to heat, Captain. Orbit plot shows we have about eight minutes left."
Kirk: "Scotty!"
Scotty: "I can't change the laws of physics. I've got to have thirty minutes."
thenakedtimehd1021.jpgKirk: "Captain's Log, supplemental. The Enterprise, spiraling down out of control. Ship's outer skin heating rapidly due to friction with planet atmosphere."
thenakedtimehd1151.jpgSpock: "Are you all right, Jim?"
Kirk: "Are you?" (Spock nods)
"We found a cure. We're over that part of it."
"Obviously, we were successful. The engines imploded."
"Captain, my velocity gauge is off the scale."
"Engine power went off the scale as well. We're now travelling faster than is possible for normal space."
thenakedtimehd1168.jpgKirk: "Checked elapsed time, Mister Sulu."
"My chronometer's running backwards, sir."
Kirk: "Time warp. We're going backward in time. Helm, begin reversing power. Slowly."
"Helm answering, sir. Power reversing."
"We're back to normal time, Captain."
Kirk: "Engines ahead. Warp one."
thenakedtimehd1191.jpgSulu: "Warp one, sir."
Kirk: "Mister Spock."
"Yes, sir."
Kirk: "The time warp. What did it do to us?"
"We've regressed in time seventy one hours. It is now three days ago, Captain. We have three days to live over again."
Kirk: "Not those last three days."
thenakedtimehd1217.jpgSpock: "This does open some intriguing prospects, Captain. Since the formula worked, we can go back in time, to any planet, any era."
Kirk: "We may risk it someday, Mister Spock. Resume course to our next destination, Mister Sulu."
"Course laid in, sir."
Kirk: "Steady as she goes."