Guest Characters



PLAYED BY: Stewart Moss
SPECIES: Human Male

Science officer aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, Tormolen accompanied Mr. Spock to the surface of planet Psi 2000 to investigate the deaths of the research team stationed there. While making a sensor sweep, Tormolen unwittingly placed his hand on a surface where a mysterious chain of water molecules dripped onto his skin. Once inside the body, the water acted like alcohol and forced hidden personality traits to force themselves to the surface. Questioning whether or not mankind should be in space, he also questioned if he should be allowed to live. Holding a knife at his stomach, he planned to plunge the metal into himself, but he was held back by Lieutenants Sulu and Riley. Tumbling to the floor, Tormolen stabbed himself and passed the "water disease" through perspiration onto Sulu and Riley who then inadvertently passed it along to other crewmembers. Taken to sick-bay for emergency surgery, Tormolen died on the operating table. Although Dr. McCoy was convinced that his injuries were not very severe, he also believed that Tormolen didn't want to live anymore and gave up on life.


PLAYED BY: Bruce Hyde
SPECIES: Human Male

In 2266, Riley was a lieutenant, and served aboard the USS Enterprise. Early in the year, he served as a navigator. While on duty, he was intoxicated by the polywater infection brought back from Psi 2000, and became irrational. During this period, he took over engineering and regaled the crew with numerous offkey renditions of "I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen". He also turned off the engines, causing the ship's orbit to spiral into the planet.