Episode Quotes


Captain Kirk: A fully clothed man frozen to death in a shower. If the image wasn't so ugly, it'd be laughable.

Lieutenant Joe Tormolen: We're all a bunch of hypocrites. Sticking our noses into something that we've got no business. What are we doing out here anyway?
Lieutenant Sulu: Take it easy, Joe.
Lieutenant Joe Tormolen: Bring pain and trouble with us. Leave men and women out on freezing planets until they die. What are we doing out here in space? Good? What good? We're polluting it! Destroying it! We've got no business out here! No business!
Lieutenant Sulu: Take it easy.
Lieutenant Riley: Now, calm down.
Lieutenant Joe Tormolen: (grabs a knife and holds it at Sulu) If man was supposed to fly, he'd have wings. If he was supposed to be out in space, he wouldn't need air to breathe! He wouldn't need life support systems to keep him from freezing to death!
Lieutenant Riley: Hey, Joey, put the knife down. . .
Lieutenant Sulu: You're all steamed up, Joe.
Lieutenant Joe Tormolen: We don't belong here. It's not ours. . .not ours. . .(turns the knife and holds it towards himself) . . .destroying and watching. We don't belong. I don't belong. Six people died down there. Why do I deserve to live?

Mr. Spock: You haven't answered my question; where is Mr. Sulu?
Lieutenant Riley: Have no fear, O'Riley's here! And one Irishman is worth ten thousand--
Mr. Spock: You're relieved, Mr. Riley! Lieutenant Uhura, take over this station.
Lieutenant Uhura: Yes, sir.
Lieutenant Riley: Now, that's what I like! Let the women work too! Universal suffrage!

Lieutenant Sulu: You either leave this war bloodied. . .or with my blood on your swords!

Lieutenant Riley: This is Captain Kevin Thomas Riley of the starship Enterprise. And who is this?
Captain Kirk: This is Captain Kirk! Get out of the Engine Room, Navigator!

Lieutenant Riley: Lieutenant Uhura, you've interrupted my song. I'm sorry but there'll be no ice cream for you tonight.

Lieutenant Riley: Now, crew, I will render "Kathleen". . .ONE. . .MORE. . .TIME!
Captain Kirk: Please, not again. . .

Yeoman Rand: I would have gotten here sooner, sir, but Crewman Moody stopped me in the hall.
Captain Kirk: (overlapping) Take the helm.
Yeoman Rand: Sir?
Captain Kirk: TAKE THE HELM!

Scotty: I can't change the laws of physics! I've got to have thirty minutes.

Lieutenant Uhura: Bridge to Captain; Engineer asked, did you find--
Captain Kirk: (smacks the intercom on) YES, I FOUND MR. SPOCK! I'M TALKING TO MR. SPOCK, YOU UNDERSTAND?!
Lieutenant Uhura: Yes, sir. Three and a half minutes left, Captain.