Episode Trivia


Tormolen is the Original Series' first, and only, Lieutenant junior grade, as indicated by his single broken uniform braid
The Psi 2000 virus apparently infects quicker with each new victim. Those infected at the beginning of the episode take a fair amount of time before the virus' full effects are apparent. Most of them exhibit only the annoyance/sweating on the point of contact at first. Later, when Nurse Chapel infects Spock, he immediately feels the full effects. Likewise, when Kirk is infected, he's immediately feeling the full effects.
When Spock enters the briefing room, there is a sign on the door saying, "Briefing room 2". It was on the left side of the door. When they leave the briefing room, the tag is on the right side of the door.
When Scotty was cutting through the bulkhead with the phaser, there was no beam coming out of the phaser.
When Dr. McCoy and Nurse Chapel operate on Joe, the medical readings change between the close-up of the screen and the far shot.
When the ship's chronometer runs in reverse at the end, then stops and starts going forward, it reads, "7:59 - 7:00 - 8:01".
Later, in "Operation: Annihilate" we'll find out that Vulcans have sensitive hearing. Here, Spock totally fails to hear Sulu say he's deserting his post, although Sulu is only about 10' behind him.
The isolation suits Spock and Tormolen wear to the surface aren't...well, isolated. The helmet isn't connected to the suit and there's a noticeable gap.
In the opening shot the planet rotates right to left, but on the viewscreen from the bridge it rotates left to right.
Lt. Joey said to Lt. Sulu "You don't outrank me and you don't have pointed ears" but Joey is a junior grade lieutenant so Sulu would outrank him.
Early in the episode, the planet totally disappears from the view screen twice and then reappears.