Guest Characters



PLAYED BY: William Shatner
SPECIES: Human Male

One half of Captain James T. Kirk, commander of the U.S.S. Enterprise, created by a malfunction in the ship's transporter. This version of Kirk was comprised of the whole version's "evil" side; animalistic barbarity and savage human characteristics. The Evil-Kirk cared not to maintain his command image and freely swilled Saurian brandy throughout the corridors of the ship. He also did not hide his true feelings for Yeoman Rand as he assaulted her in her quarters and attempted to rape her. Subdued by Mr. Spock's neck pinch, the Evil Kirk managed to switch places with his "good" counterpart and attempted to maroon a landing party on the freezing cold surface of Alfa-177. Physically and emotionally drained by the divergence of personalities, the Evil Kirk eventually yielded to his good side, whom convinced him the only way he could survive would be if he rejoined with his other half. With the transporter repaired, both Kirks recombined into one personality.


PLAYED BY: Edward Madden
SPECIES: Human Male

A member of the landing party to Alfa-177. Fisher accidentally fell off a precipice on the planet's surface where he injured his right hand and was covered in a mysterious yellow ore. Reporting back to the Enterprise for medical attention, the yellow ore overloaded the transporter circuits causing a malfunction that split Captain Kirk into two personalities. While walking nearby Yeoman Rand's quarters, Fisher witnessed, what he thought was Captain Kirk, physically assaulting the female crewmember. Responding to her pleas for help, Fisher summoned Mr. Spock on the bridge, but was knocked unconscious by the Evil Kirk for his trouble.


PLAYED BY: Garland Thompson
SPECIES: Human Male

One of the assistants in the transporter room, Wilson encountered the Evil Kirk outside the Captain's cabin. When the Evil Kirk ordered Wilson to give him his phaser weapon, Wilson naturally obliged, but he was soon knocked unconscious by the evil captain.