Episode Quotes


Captain Kirk: At night, it gets down to 120 degrees below zero.
Lieutenant Sulu: That's nippy.

Scotty: Maybe Dr. McCoy should look at you?
Captain Kirk: All right, Engineer. I'll have my engines looked at.

Evil Captain Kirk: I said give me the brandy!

Yeoman Rand: (screaming in terror) CALL MR. SPOCK! CALL MR. SPOCK!!

Evil Captain Kirk: I'm Captain Kirk. I'm Captain Kirk! I'M CAPTAIN KIRK!!

Good Captain Kirk: You can't kill me. You can't. Don't you understand? I'm part of you. You need me. I need you.
Evil Captain Kirk: I DON'T NEED YOU!

Mr. Spock: The shock of putting him back together seems to have been to much for him.
Dr. McCoy: He's dead, Jim.

Lieutenant Sulu: C-C-aptain. . .K-Kirk. . .S-Sulu here. . .one. . .hundred and seventeen. . .
below. . .can't. . .last much longer. Can't. . .see. . .clearly. . ., Doctor. . .to read. . .the top indicator. Think the cold. . .penetrating. . .communicator. Two men. . .unconscious. . .no time. . .no. . .can't wait. . .no time.

Evil Captain Kirk: Farrell! James! Grab him! He'll destroy the ship! I'm the captain! Don't you understand? I'm captain of the ship! I'm the captain! IT'S MY SHIP! MY SHIP! IT'S MINE!!

Mr. Spock: The, uh, impostor had some. . .interesting qualities, wouldn't you say, Yeoman?