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muddswomenhd001.jpgKirk: "Captain's log, stardate 1329.8.The U.S.S. Enterprise in pursuit of an unidentified vessel."
muddswomenhd048.jpgMudd: "Meaning no ingratitude, gentlemen, but just where is it I find meself?"
McCoy: "You're aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise."
Mudd: "It's really a darn beautiful ship, isn't it? Really a beautiful ship. Oh, the name, gentlemen, is Walsh, Captain Leo Walsh."
Spock: "How many more in your crew?"
Mudd: "A few more."
Scotty: "Your vessel's breaking up, man. If we don't get them..."
Mudd: "We couldn't be sure you was a friendly vessel. The three will be in position about now."
muddswomenhd080.jpgKirk: "If that captain can walk, I want him in my cabin. Correction. I want him there no matter what. Kirk, out."
muddswomenhd133.jpgKirk: "Come."
Spock: "Commander of the transport to see you, Captain."
Kirk: "Good. Now, if you don't mind telling..."
Girl: "Hello."
Eve: "Hello."
Kirk: "And the ladies? ls this your crew, Captain?"
Mudd: "Well, no, Captain. This is me cargo."
muddswomenhd138.jpgKirk: "Captain's log, Stardate 1329.1. We've taken aboard from unregistered transport vessel its captain and...and three unusual females. These women have a mysterious magnetic effect on the male members of my crew, including myself. Explanation unknown at present."
muddswomenhd146.jpgMudd: "You're a hard-nosed one, Captain."
Kirk: "And you're a liar. I think we both understand each other. Security! Escort Mr. Walsh to his quarters. Confine him there."
muddswomenhd155.jpgSulu: "You're on duty, Johnny-O. Back to reality."
Johnny-O: "You can feel their eyes when they look at you,
Iike something grabbing hold of you. Did you notice?"
Sulu: "I noticed. How I noticed!"
muddswomenhd165.jpgGirls: "Harry! Where were you?"
Mudd: "Shh! Calm down now. Would you mind waiting outside?
Guard: "Sorry, sir."
Mudd: "Now, answer every question they put to you.
Don't lie. You've no need. Don't submit to a med...That is, being so healthy, they've no
need for a medical exam."
Eve: "What if they ask about..."
muddswomenhd172.jpgMudd: "They won't. Have you no place to go, lads?"
Evie: "They'll notice we're..."
Mudd: "No, they won't. Just let Leo take all the hard questions. Don't be panicking."
Eve: "We'll get to...Get where? We don't have a ship, Harry."
Mudd: "Le--Leo. Leo Walsh is me name, darling. Don't forget that. So lovely. Lovely, aren't they? If they'd only think lovely thoughts. If they'd smile, they'll come out right, won't they? Me personal guarantee on that."
muddswomenhd175.jpgScotty: "We burned them all out when we super-heated. That jackass Walsh not only wrecked his vessel, but in saving his skin..."
Kirk: "If it make any better, Engineer that's one jackass we're going to see skinned."
muddswomenhd185.jpgKirk: "Captain's log-- Stardate 1329.2. On board the U.S.S. Enterprise,
a ship's hearing is being convened against the transport vessel's captain.
I'm becoming concerned about the almost-hypnotic effect produced by the women."
muddswomenhd191.jpgSpock: "Please state your name for the record."
Mudd: "Leo Francis Walsh."
Computer: "Incorrect."
Spock: "Your correct name."
Mudd: "Gentlemen, you're not going to take the word of a mechanical device over that of a flesh and blood man?"
Spock: "State your correct name for the record."
muddswomenhd199.jpgMudd: "Harry Mudd."
Computer: "Incorrect."
Mudd: "Harcourt Fenton Mudd."
muddswomenhd294.jpgMudd: "Captain James Kirk, the next orders you're taking will be given by Harcourt Fenton Mudd!" (Laughs hard)
muddswomenhd383.jpgKirk: "Captain's log, stardate 1330.1. Position-- 14 hours out of Rigel-12. We're on auxiliary impulse engines. Fuel low, barely sufficient to achieve orbit over the planet. Lithium replacements are now imperative. The effect of Mudd's women on my crew continues to grow. Still unexplained. Harry Mudd is confined to his quarters under guard."
muddswomenhd431.jpgKirk: "Come."
Guard: "Mining Chief Childress and Mr. Gossett."
Kirk: "Show them in. I'm James Kirk, captain of the Enterprise. This is my science officer Mr. Spock."
Childress: "Let's get right to business. We've got lithium crystals."
Kirk: "I'm authorized to pay an equitable price."
Childress: "We're not sure they're for sale. We might prefer a
Kirk: "What did you have in mind?"
Childress: "Mudd's women.
Herm: "If we like them, we'd like to have a look at them first."
Childress: "Right. Trot them out, Captain. I want Harry Mudd. Either way, I've agreed to have Harry Mudd released. Charges dropped."
muddswomenhd441.jpg(Kirk Laughs)
Kirk: "Is there anything else?"
Childress: "You've got no choice, Kirk. You beam a landing party down, and you won't find one blessed crystal."
Kirk: "No deal. You're a long way out in space, gentlemen. You'll need medical help, cargo runs, starship protection. You want to consider those fact too?"
muddswomenhd473.jpgKirk: "Captain's log. Transporting down to surface of planet Rigel-12 to acquire replacement lithium crystals. Expect further difficulty from miners."
muddswomenhd538.jpgKirk: "Captain's log. Have transported aboard the Enterprise to search with infrared scanners and sensing system. Magnetic storms on the planet's surface are reducing efficiency of our equipment. Search now in progress for 3 hours, 18 minutes."
muddswomenhd549.jpgUhura: "Losing communications with the miners, sir. Magnetic storm seems worse."
Kirk: "Has Childress reported in yet?"
Uhrua: "No, sir. They're still missing."
muddswomenhd564.jpgKirk: "Captain's log. Have expended all but 43 minutes of power. Ship's condition--critical. Search now in progress 7 hours, 31 minutes. Magnetic storms are easing."
muddswomenhd590.jpgChildress: "I've tasted better, by my own hand.
Eve: "You're tasting some of it. I couldn't scrape your leavings out of that pan."
Childress: "Find me some decent water, then talk."
Eve: "Well, why don't you hang your pan out in the wind and let the sand blast it clean? Hadn't you thought about that?"
muddswomenhd612.jpgChildress: "I didn't touch her."
Mudd: "Thank heaven you found her."
Childress: "She's been bubbling with gratitude ever since."
Kirk: "Sit down.Tell him.Tell him, Harry."
Mudd: "Ah. Yes, well..."
Kirk: "The Venus drugs, Harry."
Childress: "Venus drug? I've heard of it, but isn't that just a story?"
muddswomenhd617.jpgKirk: "Oh, it exists, illegally."
Mudd: "Well, actually, you see, it's a relatively harmless drug."
Eve: "Harmless?"
Mudd: "Yeah, uh...Well, what it does is give you more of whatever you have. Well, with men, it makes them more muscular. Women, rounder. Men, more aggressive. Women, more feminine."
Kirk: "He gave it to the women before you met them."
muddswomenhd618.jpgChildress: "Does that mean the others...they look like she does?
Mudd: "Mr. Childress, l..."
Childress: "Is that what it means?"
Eve: "Yes, that's what it means!"
Childress: "What happened to my partners?"
Kirk: "They left during the storm. They're married...subspace radio marriages."
Kirk: "It was a fraud. They can get out of it."
muddswomenhd626.jpgChildress: "If they want to. Why?"
Mudd: "You can't condemn the women."
Childress: "I can! A man goes out and fights, almost dies. We all almost die. We should have, but we didn't."
Eve: "And now that we've got the good life in our hands, you bring us women for wives...You don't want wives! You want this. This is what you want, Mr. Childress. I hope you remember it, because you can't have it! It's not real!"
muddswomenhd670.jpgMcCoy: "That must have been quite a talk you made down there. Ever try considering the patent medicine business?"
Kirk: "Why should I work your side of the street?"
Spock: "I'm happy the affair is over. A most annoying emotional episode."
McCoy: "Smack right in the old heart. Oh, I'm sorry. In your case, it would be about here."
Spock: "The fact that my internal arrangement differs from yours, Doctor,
muddswomenhd676.jpgpleases me no end."
Farrell: "Course plotted and all systems in operation."
Sulu: "Engines engaged. Helm answering."
Farrell: "Out of orbit, sir."
Kirk: "Ahead full."
Farrell: "Ahead full, sir."