Episode Quotes


Captain Kirk: If that captain can walk, I want him in my quarters. Correction: I want him there whether he can walk or not!

Scotty: Aye!
Dr. McCoy: Amen to that, Scotty.

Harry Mudd: You're a hard-nosed one, Captain.
Captain Kirk: And you're a liar, Mr. Walsh. I think we both understand each other.

Lieutenant Farrell: You can feel their eyes when they look at you. Like something grabbing hold of you. Did you notice?
Lieutenant Sulu: I noticed. How I noticed!

Harry Mudd: Captain James T. Kirk, the next orders you'll be taking will be given by Harcourt Fenton Mudd!

Dr. McCoy: Are they actually more lovely, pound for pound, measurement for measurement, than any other women you've ever known? Or is it. . .that they just. . .act beautiful? No, strike that, strike that.

Captain Kirk: The choice was burning out this lithium crystal or the destruction of another man's ship.

Eve McHuron: Why don't you just hold a raffle and the loser gets me?!

Captain Kirk: There's only one kind of woman. . .
Harry Mudd: Or man for that matter.
Captain Kirk: You either believe in yourself or you don't.

Mr. Spock: I'm happy the affair is over. A most annoying, emotional episode.
Dr. McCoy: Smack right in the old heart. (pounds on chest) Oh, I'm sorry, Mr. Spock. In your case it would be (smacks side) right about here.
Mr. Spock: The fact that my internal arrangement is different from yours, Doctor, pleases me no end.