Episode Trivia


During the hearing, the picture of Harry Mudd on the desktop viewscreen is reversed. Harry's earring is in his left ear, but in the photograph, it is in his right ear.
Since this episode is set fairly early in the first season and the backstories are still a little inconsistent, the Enterprise is being powered by lithium instead of dilithium and Spock calls himself "Vulcanian" instead of "Vulcan".
Kirk's says that it is Stardate 1329.8 in his opening log entry when the ship is in pursuit of Mudd's vessel. But after the Mudd and the women have been brought aboard, Kirk's next log entry says that it is Stardate 1329.1.
Why doesn't Uhura or anyone at the communication board pick up that Harry communicates with the miners? It's later determined that Enterprise crew can detect someone sending transmissions off the ship.
The Venus drug not only rejuvenates, it supplies makeup and false eyelashes.
Kirk tells Spock at the end that he's coming back with Harry and the crystals they desperately need...then he walks out with Harry and leaves the crystals behind.
The Enterprise's power crystals are referred to as simply "Lithium crystals", a reference to "Where No Man Has Gone Before" when the Enterprise raided the Lithium cracking station on Delta Vega to repair the ship.
In a blooper, when Mr. Spock orders Mr. Farrell to lay in a course to Riger XII, there is no arrowhead insignia on Farrell's tunic.
When the women are transported aboard the Enterprise we see a close-up of Dr. McCoy wearing his medical tunic, while he is wearing his regular uniform in the scene. (This shot is actually re-used footage from the sickbay scene with Ruth later in the episode.)
Harry Mudd's bio gives his height as 6'1" although he is actually 6'3" which can be seen compared to the other actors.
Kirk confines Mudd to his quarters with a security guard, but later when Kirk meets with Childress, Harry just wanders in. What happened to the guard?