Guest Characters



PLAYED BY: Michael Strong
SPECIES: Android Male (Originally Human)

Often called the Pasteur of archeological medicine, Dr. Roger Korby was engaged to Christine Chapel prior to his mission on planet Exo III. Korby and his colleague, Dr. Brown, found a series of underground caverns, but did not report to the Federation again for five years. Presumed dead after two expeditions failed to find him, Korby contacted the U.S.S. Enterprise when the ship arrived at Exo III and requested that Captain Kirk beam down alone. Korby had found the android Ruk tending to the machines underground, marooned after the disappearance of the "old ones" centuries ago. The machines were capable of creating android duplicates of humanoid bodies and memory patterns. Having nearly frozen to death, his legs destroyed, Korby used the machines to, allegedly, transfer his "soul" into a stronger android body. He later would create an android version of Dr. Brown, as well as his own creation, Andrea, and a duplicate of Captain Kirk. Korby believed that with android bodies, mankind need not suffer pain or fear or death, and requested that Kirk transport him and the equipment to a Federation colony where he could introduce androids into the population to prove the value of his plan. Unfortunately though, Kirk realized that Korby's ideas were nothing short of what tyrants like Genghis Khan and Adolf Hitler had promised in the past. After Kirk had reminded Ruk that what Korby was doing was similar to what the "old ones" had done in the past, Ruk turned on Korby, forcing him to destroy him with a phaser. When Korby's hand was damaged, he tried to convince, not only Kirk and Nurse Chapel, but also himself, that he was still human. Kirk tried to convince him that the real Roger Korby wouldn't do the things the android version was proposing. Convinced, Korby destroyed himself, along with Andrea, with a laser pistol. Following his destruction, Kirk pointed out that Roger Korby had died a long time ago.

PLAYED BY: Ted Cassidy
SPECIES: Android Male
The last surviving android on Exo III from the era of the "old ones." Ruk tended to the underground machines for centuries until Dr. Korby and Dr. Brown discovered him. In the era of the "old ones", the androids found the humanoids to be illogical and inferiror to the androids, causing them to destroy their creators. Programmed by Korby to protect him, he would have killed Captain Kirk had he not reminded him that was Korby was doing was similar to what the "old ones" had done. Before he could stop Korby, he was vaporized by a phaser blast.

PLAYED BY: Sherry Jackson
SPECIES: Android Female

One of Dr. Korby's androids on Exo III. Although an android, Andrea was not as advanced as Ruk. As an android, she could not feel emotion, in spite of what Dr. Korby had wanted humans-converted-into-androids to be. Andrea was programmed to follow orders, but she became conflicted when Korby ordered her to protect him-- a duty she had never done before. She destroyed the android Captain Kirk and was eventually destroyed by Dr. Korby.


PLAYED BY: Harry Basch
SPECIES: Android Male (Originally Human)

Dr. Korby's colleague on Exo III, Dr. Brown, like Dr. Korby had transferred his "soul" into an android body. Although in his human form, he knew Nurse Chapel well, in his android form, he could only reply on his memory banks, not his real memory to recall information about her. Brown was sent to bring Captain Kirk and Nurse Chapel to meet Korby, but soon held Kirk at gunpoint. Kirk fired his phaser at him, damaging him beyond repair, although, much like Dr. Korby, the real Dr. Brown had died a long time ago.


PLAYED BY: Vince Deadrick Sr.
SPECIES: Human Male

Security officer aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, Matthews was assigned to accompany Captain Kirk and Nurse Chapel to find Dr. Korby on Exo III, but he met his demise at the hands of Ruk who pushed him off a high precipice, where he plunged to his death.


PLAYED BY: Budd Albright
SPECIES: Human Male

Security officer aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, Rayburn was ordered to stand guard at the beam down point and to alert Mr. Spock to assemble a security team, but before he could comply, he was killed by Ruk.


PLAYED BY: William Shatner
SPECIES: Android Male

An android duplicate of Captain James T. Kirk, commander of the U.S.S. Enterprise. Although the android Kirk was a complete duplicate, he was not the "soul" of the real Kirk. Created by Dr. Korby to impress the real Kirk, Korby used the android Kirk to beam aboard the Enterprise and collect information about the Starfleet ship's current course. Unbeknownst to Dr. Korby, the real Kirk implanted the phrase "Mind your own business, Mr. Spock. I'm sick of your half-breed interference, you hear?" as a false memory into his duplicate's memory banks. When the android Kirk said the phrase to Mr. Spock, he realized there was something wrong and alerted a security team to beam down to Exo III to find the real captain. After the real Kirk had also confused Andrea about love and emotion, she mistakenly destroyed the android Kirk after he refused to be kissed by her, claiming "it is illogical."