Episode Quotes


Andrea: You must be Christine. I've always thought how beautiful your name is.

Nurse Chapel: Roger, what's happened to you? When I sat in your class, you wouldn't even dream of harming an insect or an animal. Their life was sacred to you then.

Dr. Roger Korby: Choose, Christine. Which is your captain?

Captain Kirk: Mind your own business, Mr. Spock! I'm sick of your half-breed interference, you hear?

Nurse Chapel: Please, go ahead and eat.
Android Captain Kirk: Androids don't eat, Miss Chapel.

Captain Kirk: He's an exact duplicate?
Dr. Roger Korby: In every detail.
Captain Kirk: What about memory? Tell me about Sam.
Android Captain Kirk: George Samuel Kirk, your brother. Only you call him Sam.
Captain Kirk: He saw me off on this mission.
Android Captain Kirk: Yes, with his wife and three sons.
Captain Kirk: He said he was being transferred to Earth Colony 2 Research Station.
Android Captain Kirk: No, Captain. He said he was continuing his research. He wanted to be transferred to Earth Colony 2.

Dr. Roger Korby: In android form, a human being can have practical immortality. Can you understand what I'm offering mankind?
Captain Kirk: Programming. Different word, but the same old promises made by Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar, Hitler, Ferris, Maltuvis.

Dr. Roger Korby: I'm the same! A direct transfer. All of me, human, rational, and without a flaw.

Captain Kirk: Is this your perfect world, your flawless beings killing off one another? Aren't you doing exactly what you hate in humans, killing with no more concern than turning off a light?

Mr. Spock: Where is Dr. Korby?
Captain Kirk: Dr. Korby. . .was never here.