Episode Quotes


Captain Kirk: Not the Earth. . .another Earth. Another Earth!

Captain Kirk: You said something about the...Grups doing bad things--yelling, hurting, burning.
Miri: That was when they started to get sick in the before time. We hid, then they were gone.

Miri: Do you have a name, too?
Captain Kirk: Yes. It's Jim.
Miri: I like that name.
Captain Kirk: Good. I like yours, too. I like you.
Miri: Do you, really?
Captain Kirk: I wouldn't lie to you.
Miri: I wouldn't lie to you, either, Jim. I remember the Grups, but you're nice. You're different.
Captain Kirk: Why, thank you.
Miri: (noticing the blemish on his hand) It's already starting. I knew it would. Just like it did with the Grups. It'll spread all over you, and you'll yell. You'll try to hurt everybody. Then you'll die. I knew it would! I knew it would!

Mr. Spock: There you have a museum piece, Doctor. Lens type-- manually operated, light-activated.
Dr. McCoy: Spare me the analysis, Mr. Spock, please. Isn't it enough that it works?

Mr. Spock: Doctor? There are certain glandular changes which take place upon entering puberty, are there not?
Dr. McCoy: Of course. It changes the entire body system. You know that. Of course you know that. Why?
Mr. Spock: Is it not possible that these children here, as they enter puberty, contract the disease?
Captain Kirk: That would explain why there are no adults.
Dr. McCoy: Glandular, post-pubescent. It could be.
Mr. Spock: It's illogical. It does not follow. All the adults on this planet died 300 years ago, but there are children in the streets.
Captain Kirk: Who die when they enter adolescence.
Dr. McCoy: But. . .how do they keep the line going?
Yeoman Rand: One thing, Captain. If she were a wild animal ever since she's been a little girl, how do you explain that she wants to stay with us?
Captain Kirk: Loneliness? Curiosity? I think children have an instinctive need for adults. They want to be told right and wrong.
Mr. Spock: There may be other emotions at work in this case, Captain.
Dr. McCoy: She likes you, Jim.
Mr. Spock: She's becoming a woman.

Captain Kirk: Captain's Log, stardate 2717.3. Three days, seven hours left to us.
Investigation proves that the supply of food in the area is running dangerously low.
Unless something is done, the children will starve in a few months. The disease is working on each of us according to Dr. McCoy's prediction. Our tempers are growing short. And
we're no further along than we were two days ago. Haven't you found a thing yet?!
Dr. McCoy: Would you like to take a crack at it?!

Captain Kirk: I've got to find Janice.
Mr. Spock: That's not all, Captain. We've got to find those communicators.
Captain Kirk: We're trying, Mr. Spock! We're trying very hard!
Dr. McCoy: That's not good enough! This could be it, but we can't test it without the ship's computers!
Mr. Spock: We've got to have those communicators, Jim.
Captain Kirk: This is the vaccine?
Dr. McCoy: That's what the computers will tell us.
Mr. Spock: Without them, it could be a beaker full of death.

Captain Kirk: Miri. . .I'm going to tell you something. You, your friends, all the onlies are going to get the disease unless we succeed in what we're doing. You've seen your friends get it.
Miri: Sometimes it happens.
Captain Kirk: Not sometimes. All the times, Miri! As soon as you start growing up the way you are-- Don't you know why you don't like to play games anymore, why you don't see your friends the way you used to? It's because you're becoming a young woman. . .and the moment you become a young woman, you get the disease-- all of you.
Miri: That's not true. It just happens sometimes.
Captain Kirk: All the time, Miri! It's happening to you right now! (shows her a blemish on her arm) Look at it! Look at it, Miri! It's in you! LOOK!
Miri: No!! No!! No! (hugs Captain Kirk)

Captain Kirk: Look at my arms! (tears sleeves off revealing severe blemishes on both arms) That's what's going to happen to you. . .unless you let me help you.
Onlies: Bonk, bonk! Bonk, bonk!
Captain Kirk: And the little ones. . . (picks up a small child) . . .what's going to happen to them after you've gone, after you've turned into creatures like Louise? They'll still be here, but not for long, because the food's all gone. You've eaten it. Maybe six months left, that's all, and then nothing left to eat, nobody left to take care of them. They'll die, too.
Miri: Look at my arm, Jahn. It's happening to me. He's telling the truth.
Jahn: They're grups!
Onlies: Bonk, bonk! Bonk, bonk! Bonk, bonk! Bonk, bonk!
Captain Kirk: All right, you want a foolie? All right. I dare you. (throws Bonk-Bonk Kid off the desk and holds onto his arm) I double-dare you. Look at the blood on my face. Now, look at your hands. Blood on your hands! Now who's doing the hurting? Not the grups. It's you hurting, yelling, maybe killing, just like the grups you remember and creatures you're afraid of. You're acting like them, and you're going to be just like them unless you let me help you. I'm a grup. . .and I want to help you. I'm begging you. Let me help you, or there won't be anything left at all. Please!

Yeoman Rand: Miri. . .she really loved you, you know.
Captain Kirk: Yes. I never get involved with older women, Yeoman.