Episode Quotes


Captain Kirk: I would like to have met Dr. Adams. Have you ever been to a penal colony
since they started following his theories?
Dr. McCoy: A cage is a cage, Jim.
Captain Kirk: You're behind the times, Bones. They're more like resort colonies now.

Dr. Simon van Gelder: My name is. . .van Gelder. . .I want asylum.
Captain Kirk: At gunpoint?

Dr:. Helen Noel: Dr. Helen Noel, Captain. We've met. Don't you remember--the science lab Christmas party?
Captain Kirk: Yes, I remember.
Dr. Helen Noel: You dropped in--
Captain Kirk: Yes, yes, I remember.
Mr. Spock: Problem, Captain?
Captain Kirk: Mr. Spock, you tell McCoy that she had better check out as the best assistant I ever had.

Dr. Tristan Adams: To all mankind. May we never find space so vast, planets so cold,
heart and mind so empty that we cannot fill them with love and warmth.

Dr. Eli: You will forget all you have heard. To remember any portion of it, any word, will cause you pain, terrible pain, growing more terrible as you fight to remember.

Mr. Spock: What is our name? Who are we?
Dr. Simon van Gelder: We are Simon van Gelder.
Mr. Spock: Dr. Adams. . .the neural neutralizer. What did he do to us?
Dr. Simon van Gelder: He can reshape any mind he chooses. He used it to erase our memories, put his own thoughts there. He was surprised it took so much power. We fought him, remember? But we grew so tired. Our minds so blank. . .so open. . .that any thought he placed there became our thoughts. Our minds so empty. . .like a sponge, needing thoughts, begging. Empty. Loneliness. So lonely to be sitting there empty. . .
wanting any word from him. Love.
Mr. Spock: Yes.
Dr. Simon van Gelder: Hate.
Mr. Spock: Yes.
Dr. Simon van Gelder: Live.
Mr. Spock: Yes.
Dr. Simon van Gelder: Die.
Mr. Spock: Yes.
Dr. Simon van Gelder: Such agony to be empty.
Mr. Spock: Empty.
Dr. Simon van Gelder: Lonely.
Mr. Spock: Lonely.
Dr. Simon van Gelder: So empty.
Mr. Spock: Empty.
Dr. Simon van Gelder: So empty.

Dr. Tristan Adams: You're madly in love with Helen, Captain. You'd lie, cheat, steal for her, sacrifice your career, your reputation.
Dr. Helen Noel: No, Doctor! No!
Dr. Tristan Adams: The pain--do you feel it, Captain? You must have her, or the pain grows worse, the pain, the longing for her.
Captain Kirk: Helen. . .
Dr. Tristan Adams: For years, you've loved her, Captain, for years.
Captain Kirk: For years, I've loved you.
Dr. Tristan Adams: You must continue to remember that, Captain. And now...she's gone.
Captain Kirk: Helen! Helen, don't go! I need you, Helen!
Dr. Tristan Adams: Now, Captain. . .you must take your phaser weapon and drop it on the floor. Captain, the pain increases unless you obey me.
Captain Kirk: I. . .must. . .drop it. (drops phaser)
Dr. Tristan Adams: Very good, Captain. Very good indeed. And now your communicator. Drop it on the floor.
Captain Kirk: (slowly opens communicator) Kirk to Enterprise. (Adams turns the neutralizer's intensity up high, Kirk groans in agony) Kirk. . .TO ENTERPRISE!I
Dr. Helen Noel: (sobbing) No, Doctor!! No!!
Captain Kirk: (wails in agony)

Dr. Tristan Adams: Do you know Dr. Van Gelder was down on his hands and knees sobbing at this point? It was so gratifying. I'm so fortunate to have had a couple of excellent specimens to work with. I've learned a great deal.

Dr. McCoy: He's dead, Captain.
Dr. Helen Noel: The machine was not high enough to kill.
Captain Kirk: But he was alone. Can you imagine the mind. . .emptied by that thing? Without even a tormentor for company?
Dr. Helen Noel: I understand.

Dr. McCoy: It's hard to believe a man could die of loneliness.
Captain Kirk: Not when you've sat in that room.