Episode Trivia


The transporter operator (Berkley) is credited as an ensign, but the uniform is clearly that of a Lieutenant.
When Kirk escapes the Tantalus field, he knocks out Dr. Adams and punches out another person before leaving. When he comes back only a few moments later, only Dr. Adams is on the floor.
Considering the known consequences of unsupervised exposure to the beam, one might expect the device to be equipped with a deadman switch: it can't operate without an individual at the controls, as it does. There is no reason for Dr. Adams to have disengaged or left out such a device.
The neural neutralizer is likely an enormously complex device -- and yet, it has only one switch, a combination on/off and power level setting. It seems highly likely that such a device would require either a programming input, or a series of configuration switches. Even now, we know that brain activity and structure differs between individuals.
It looks like the wardrobe department gave Marianna Hill (Dr. Helen Noel) a Starfleet mini-dress uniform that is way too short for her. The skirts are supposed to be short, but Helen's skirt is so short in the back that it does not even completely cover her matching bloomers.
The space sensor array wasn't spinning at the beginning of this episode.
In the transporter room at the beginning, they contacted Tantalus V even though they had their shields up, when Kirk beams down, he attempts to use his communicator but he gets static, the shield is turned off and he can communicate with the Enterprise, later when the shield is up, he gets through just fine.
For a penal colony, Tantalus V has really poor security. Van Gelder manages to escape with ease, by hiding a box - the only box - beamed up to the Enterprise.