Guest Characters



PLAYED BY: Sean Kenney
SPECIES: Human Male

After a long tour as captain of the Enterprise, Pike was promoted to fleet captain in the mid-2260s at which point James T. Kirk took command. Only a few years thereafter, he was aboard a training vessel, an old Class J starship, when a baffle plate ruptured and exposed many helpless trainees and cadets to delta-particle radiation. Pike dragged many cadets from the danger, but in the process was hopelessly crippled by the rays. The disfigured Pike was put on a form of advanced life support which sustained his withered body and life functions, but he was too weak and incapacitated to ever move or respond to physical stimuli again. A wheelchair that was tuned to his brain could use blinking light signals to respond to simple queries in the affirmative (one flash) or negative (two flashes), but that was the extent to which he could communicate.

PLAYED BY: Malachi Throne
SPECIES: Human Male
In his capacity as commander of Starbase 11, Mendez oversaw the care of Fleet Captain Christopher Pike, who had been hospitalized there after exposure to delta radiation left him an invalid.

Shortly thereafter, Mendez greeted Captain Kirk, Mister Spock, and Doctor McCoy, after the Enterprise diverted to the starbase. Despite Captain Kirk's insistence that they had received a subspace message from Captain Pike ordering them to travel to Starbase 11, Mendez maintained that the starbase sent no such message, and informed them of Captain Pike's accident, revealing that, in the condition he was in, Pike could not have even asked for the message to be sent. It was soon discovered that the message had been falsified by Spock, who covertly transported Captain Pike to the Enterprise and then commandeered the ship, for the purpose of taking Pike to the planet Talos IV.
PLAYED BY: Hagan Beggs
SPECIES: Human Male
During a return visit to Starbase 11, Hansen was placed in temporary command of the Enterprise when Captain Kirk and Lieutenant Commander Spock, Kirk's first officer, transported to the surface in order to investigate a mysterious message apparently sent from the base. Spock later relieved Hansen of command during his attempt to illegally transport Fleet Captain Christopher Pike to Talos IV. When Spock was forced to confess his subterfuge, he transferred command back to Hansen, who subsequently transferred it to Kirk, upon Kirk's return to the ship.
PLAYED BY: Julie Parrish
SPECIES: Human Male
Piper greeted a landing party from the USS Enterprise, including Captain Kirk, and assured them that, despite Mr. Spock's assertion that they had received a message diverting them to the base, that the starbase had sent no such message. Piper subsequently informed Kirk that they had a mutual acquaintance in Starfleet officer Lieutenant Helen Johansson, although she was evasive as to how much detail Johansson had gone into regarding Kirk.

Later, Piper was monitoring Fleet Captain Christopher Pike on a computer screen, and immediately noticed when he disappeared, having been abducted by Spock, who was attempting to illegally transport Pike to planet Talos IV.