Episode Trivia


This episode establishes that Talos IV is off limits to Federation traffic, so much so that any visitation to that planet is punishable by death. It is the only capital punishment on the books in the Federation
When the landing party comes in, the transporter chief is wearing glasses. After the next shot of the transporter pad, not only are the glasses gone, but it is a different person.
It seems a little odd that Starfleet would write "Half-Vulcan Science Officer Spock" on the official report on the Talos IV incident. Not to mention the fact that it doesn't mention any other Enterprise officers besides Spock and Captain Pike, not even Number One.
The shuttle is described as as being ion-powered. A technology that "Spock's Brain" tells us is beyond Starfleet.
Scotty doesn't get to wear a dress uniform at the trial, even though everyone else does.
After Pike disappears, Mendez is sitting there and then turns to a viewscreen, throws a switch, and says "Mendez here - what is it?" Apparently the sound editor forgot to put in the hailing whistle.
When Kirk, Spock, and McCoy beam down to Starbase 11, in the initial shot it is day. Then the shot of the outside through Mendez's window shows it is night. Then in the next establishing shot it is day, and then night again through the window.
Kirk and Mendez read and discuss the top secret file on Talos IV. Mendez stresses that's it's secret...but Miss Piper cheerfully listens in the background.
The ending of the Talosian transmission differs from actual events. In "The Cage", when Captain Pike asks The Keeper if he'll give Vina back her illusion of beauty, The Keeper nods yes and also gives her an illusion of Captain Pike to take back down to the Talosian community. In the transmission the Talosians send, Vina is just seen restored to beauty.
Kirk introduced Spock as "Lieutenant Commander" instead of "Commander".