Guest Characters



PLAYED BY: Sean Kenney
SPECIES: Human Male

On Talos IV, with the help of the Talosians, Pike lived out a life of illusion with Vina in which his devastating handicap no longer existed. Pike went into retirement from Starfleet active duty and lived on Talos IV permanently, with no further outside contact, since the secrecy of the Talosian power made his fate largely unknown.

PLAYED BY: Malachi Throne
SPECIES: Human Male
Mendez and Kirk pursued the Enterprise in a shuttlecraft, which was taken aboard when Spock realized that the shuttle would soon run out of oxygen if he did not. As traveling to Talos IV was illegal, Mendez and Kirk convened a court martial on Spock's actions, during which they learned about Pike and Spock's previous visit to that planet. It was eventually revealed to Kirk that Mendez's presence on the Enterprise was an illusion created by the Talosians, who felt that the fiction of a court martial would delay Kirk in regaining control of the ship before it reached Talos IV, and that Mendez had never actually left the starbase. Mendez later contacted the Enterprise, revealing that the Talosians had allowed him to be a witness to the evidence presented at the court martial and that, due to the extreme circumstances surrounding Spock's actions, the restriction against traveling to Talos IV had been temporarily lifted.