Episode Trivia


At the very end of the episode, Spock wheels Pike out of the hearing room to take him to the transporter room and beam down to the planet. However, two seconds after the doors close behind Spock, Pike is shown "walking" on the planet on the view screen. There's no way there would be sufficient time to have gotten to the transporter room, get Pike on a transporter pad, engage the transporter system, have it cycle through, and have him materialize on the planet surface - much less be transformed by the Talosians.
Why do the Talosians leave the phasers viewable and try to remove them physically while leaving themselves visible? Seems like they could just cast an illusion of the phasers disappearing, or the Keeper could cast an illusion to keep Pike from seeing him open the panel, reach in, and grab the phasers.
In "The Menagerie, Part I" the computer was turned on to record the trial proceedings. In part 2 nobody bothers to turn it on.
Captain Jean-Luc Picard would nickname Commander Riker "Number One" on "Star Trek: The Next Generation".
At the end of "The Menagerie, Part I", Starfleet relieves Kirk of command and tells him and everyone else to stop viewing the Talosian transmissions during the court martial. At the beginning they say they can't stop the transmissions, go back into the courtroom, and watch them anyway. Why don't they just go to a different room, or cover the screen with a cloth?