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theconscienceofthekinghd011.jpg(On stage, a velvet-clad arm raises a bloody knife, then plunges it again into his sleeping victim. The audience are rapt.)
Kirk: "Interesting. An Arcturian Macbeth."
Leighton: (a man with an eyepatch) "Watch him. Watch Macbeth."
Lenore: (as Lady M) "Is he dead? Speak. Is King Duncan dead?"
Karidian: "Will all great Neptune's ocean wash this blood clean
theconscienceofthekinghd018.jpgfrom my hands."
Leighton: "That voice. He's back. That man on the stage. I'm certain of it. That's Kodos the Executioner."
Karidian: "Pluck out mine eyes!"
theconscienceofthekinghd023.jpgKirk: "Captain's log, star date 2817.6. Starship Enterprise diverted from scheduled course. Purpose, to confirm discover by Doctor Thomas Leighton of an extraordinary new synthetic food which would totally end the threat of famine on Cygnia Minor, a nearby Earth colony."
theconscienceofthekinghd032.jpgKirk: "You mean to tell me you've called me three light years off my course just to accuse an actor of being Kodos?"
Leighton: "He is Kodos. I'm sure of it."
Kirk: "You said you discovered a new food concentrate. What am I supposed to put in my log, that you lied? That you diverted a starship with false information? You're not only in trouble, you've put me in trouble, too."
theconscienceofthekinghd036.jpgLeighton: "I did it to trap Kodos!"
Kirk: "Kodos is dead."
Leighton: "Is he? Is anyone sure? A body burned beyond recognition?"
Kirk: "Tom, the authorities closed the book on that case years ago."
Leighton: "Then let's reopen it. Jim, four thousand people were theconscienceofthekinghd043.jpgbutchered."
Kirk: "Martha, you tell him."
Martha: "I can't tell him anything, Jim. He's been like this since the company of actors arrived."
Kirk: "Kodos is dead. I'm satisfied of that."
Leighton: "Well, I'm not. I remember him. That voice. The bloody thing he did."
theconscienceofthekinghd046.jpg(He turns his head to reveal it's not just an eyepatch, but a covering over half his face)
Leighton: "Jim, Jim, I need your help. There were only eight or nine of us who actually saw Kodos. I was one, you were another. If he's to be exposed..."
Kirk: "He's dead."
Leighton: "Then it will be a ghost Martha and I receive in our home tonight. I invited the entire company to a cocktail party. I have to be sure."
Kirk: "And I have to get back to my ship and figure out how I'm going to enter all this in my log. Tom. Martha."

theconscienceofthekinghd048.jpgComputer: "Library computer."
Kirk: "History files. Subject, former Governor Kodos of Tarsus Four, also known as Kodos the Executioner. After that, background on actor Anton Karidian."
Computer: "Working. Kodos the Executioner, summary. Governor of Tarsus Four twenty Earth years ago. Invoked martial law. Slaughtered fifty percent of population Earth colony, that planet.
theconscienceofthekinghd049.jpgBurned body found when Earth forces arrived. No positive identification. Case closed. Detailed information follows. On stardate 2794.7... "
Kirk: Stop. "Information on Anton Karidian."
Computer: "Director and star of travelling company of actors sponsored by galactic cultural exchange project, touring official installations last nine years. Has daughter, Lenore, nineteen years
theconscienceofthekinghd056.jpgold stop. Give comparative identification between actor Karidian and Governor Kodos."
Computer: "No identification records available on actor Anton Karidian."
Kirk: "Give information on actor Karidian prior to Kodos' death."
Computer: "No information available, Anton Karidian, prior to twenty years ago."
theconscienceofthekinghd060.jpgKirk: "Photograph Kodos." (an image of a red-haired man with a beard comes on the monitor) "Photograph Karidian." (the grey-haired man with a small moustache) "Now photograph both."
(Door opens)
Kirk: "Mister Spock. You know Doctor Leighton, don't you? Would you say he's given to fantasy?"
Spock: "A good empirical research scientist. Steady, reputable,
theconscienceofthekinghd065.jpgoccasionally brilliant."
Kirk: "With a very long memory."
Spock: "I have no information on that, Captain. We are ready to leave orbit."
Kirk: "We'll delay departure for a time. I'm beaming back down to the planet."

theconscienceofthekinghd076.jpgLenore: "So. Captain of the Enterprise. Interesting."
Kirk: "So, Lady Macbeth. Interesting. What's your next move?"
Lenore: "We play two performances at Benecia, if the AstraI Queen can get us there."
Kirk: "She's a good ship. (takes a glass from a passing tray) Thank you. You were very impressive as Lady Macbeth."
Lenore: "Thank you. And as Lenore Karidian?"
theconscienceofthekinghd082.jpgKirk: "Very impressive. Lenore. I'd like to see you again."
Lenore: "You mean professionally?"
Kirk: "Not necessarily."
Lenore: "I think I'd like that. Unfortunately, we must keep a schedule."
Kirk: "You don't have a schedule now, do you?"
Lenore: "You mean leave? But I've only just arrived."
theconscienceofthekinghd084.jpgKirk: "So have I."
Lenore: "And you hate to overstay a welcome."
Kirk: "Exactly."
Lenore: "Why not?"
Kirk: "Good. I'll make our apologies to our hostess. I'll meet you outside."
theconscienceofthekinghd137.jpgSpock: "How did you know this lady was coming aboard?"
Kirk: "I'm the Captain."
Lenore: "Captain Kirk, I didn't think we'd be meeting again so soon."
Kirk: "You probably wouldn't believe me if I told you I arranged it."
Lenore: "No, but it's a delightful thought. Captain, I'm afraid we need your help. We've been stranded. It seems that our
theconscienceofthekinghd139.jpgtransportation has cancelled out on us."
Kirk: "Can't you make other arrangements?"
Lenore: "Yes, but not in time. You see, our schedule is like a chain. One break and it all collapses."
Kirk: "It'd be a shame if that happened."
Lenore: "If ever we needed a Good Samaritan."
Kirk: "Well."
theconscienceofthekinghd141.jpgLenore: "I appeal to you."
(Spock's eyebrow hits the ceiling)
Kirk: "The regulations are very clear about taking on passengers."
Lenore: "I'll make a bargain with you, Captain."
Kirk: "What have you got to trade?"
Lenore: "Special performance for the crew in exchange for a lift."
Kirk: "You make it sound very interesting. The crew has been on
theconscienceofthekinghd144.jpgpatrol for a long time. They could use a break in the monotony."
Lenore: "Then you'll do it?"
Kirk: "You've got me backed into a corner. The men would never forgive me if I deprived them of your performance, and your presence."
Lenore: "Thank you, Captain. I'm eternally grateful. I'll get the company ready. This means so much to them."
theconscienceofthekinghd157.jpgKirk: "Mister Spock, prepare to leave orbit as soon as the Karidian company is aboard the ship."
(Lenore and her escort enter the turbolift)
Spock: "May I inquire as to our course, Captain?"
Kirk: "Benecia Colony."
Spock: "Benecia Colony is eight light years off our course."
Kirk: "If my memory needs refreshing, Mister Spock, I'll ask you for it. In the meantime, follow my orders."
theconscienceofthekinghd163.jpgKirk: "Captain's log, stardate 2818.9. There are many questions in my mind, too many, perhaps, about the actor Karidian and his daughter. For personal reasons, I'm almost afraid to learn the answers."
theconscienceofthekinghd166.jpgKirk: "Mister Spock, ETA the Benecia Colony."
Spock: "We'll arrive stardate 2825.3, Captain, approximately fifteen hundred Benecia time."
(Kirk goes over to Spock's station and throws a few switches)
Computer: "Library computer."
Kirk: "Data on question submitted to personnel files."
Computer: "Data being received. Kodos file of all survivors. There
theconscienceofthekinghd167.jpgare nine actual eye witnesses who can identify Kodos."
Kirk: "Stop. Give list."
Computer: "Kirk, J., presently Enterprise Captain, Leighton, T., Moulton, E., Riley, K., Eames, D... "
Kirk: "Stop. Is that star service Lieutenant Kevin Riley?"
Computer: "Affirmative. Riley, Kevin. Presently assigned U.S.S. Enterprise communications section."
theconscienceofthekinghd168.jpgKirk: "Stop. Mister Spock."
Spock: "Captain."
Kirk: "Lieutenant Kevin Riley in communications, I wish to have him transferred down to the engineering decks."
Spock: "He came up from engineering, Captain."
Kirk: "I'm sending him back."
Spock: "Any explanation? He's a fine young officer. He's bound to consider this transfer a disciplinary action."
Kirk: "I don't wish to discuss it, Mister Spock. Please follow my orders."
theconscienceofthekinghd178.jpgMcCoy: "Mister Spock, the man on top walks a lonely street. The chain of command is often a noose."
Spock: "Spare me your philosophical metaphors, Doctor. The Captain is acting strangely. I'm asking if you've noticed."
McCoy: "Negative. Did you know this is the first time in a week I've had time for a drop of the true? Would you care for a drink, Mister Spock?"
theconscienceofthekinghd183.jpgSpock: "My father's race was spared the dubious benefits of alcohol."
McCoy: "Now I know why they were conquered. What are you so worried about, anyway? I find Jim generally knows what he's doing."
Kirk: "It was illogical for him to bring those players aboard."
McCoy: "Illogical? Did you get a look at that Juliet? That's a pretty
theconscienceofthekinghd187.jpgexciting creature. Of course your, personal chemistry would prevent you from seeing that. Did it ever occur to you that he simply might like the girl?"
Spock: "It occurred. I dismissed it."
McCoy: "You would."
Spock: "Did you know that he suddenly transferred Lieutenant Riley to engineering?"
theconscienceofthekinghd191.jpgMcCoy: "Lots of things go on around here that I don't know, Mister Spock. Now, he's the Captain. He can transfer whoever he pleases. You can look that up in a hundred volumes of space regulations somewhere. All right? Come on, have a drink."
Spock: "No, thank you. "
McCoy: "You're welcome. But I will. And please, Mister Spock, if you won't join me, don't disapprove of me. At least not until you've tried it, huh?"
theconscienceofthekinghd193.jpg(Lenore is getting a personal tour of the ship)
Kirk: "This is the observation deck. That's the flight deck down there with the shuttle craft."
Lenore: "Interesting."
Kirk: "Isn't it?"
Lenore: "Tell me, Captain Kirk."
Kirk: "Anything."
theconscienceofthekinghd196.jpgLenore: "Did you order the soft lights especially for the occasion?"
Kirk: "If I had ordered soft lights, I'd also have arranged for music and flowers. Unfortunately, it isn't so. On the Enterprise, we try to duplicate earth conditions of night and day as closely as possible."
Lenore: "Star light, star bright. I wish I may, I wish I might. Do you remember that, Captain?"
theconscienceofthekinghd201.jpgKirk: "It's very old."
Lenore: "Almost as old as the stars themselves. And this ship. All this power, surging and throbbing, yet under control. Are you like that, Captain? All this power at your command, yet the decisions that you have to make. "
Kirk: "Come from a very human source."
Lenore: "Are you, Captain? Human?"
theconscienceofthekinghd207.jpgKirk: "You can count on it."
Lenore: "Tell me about the women in your world, Captain."
Kirk: "I'd rather talk about you. You must have wanted to perform since you first saw your father act. When was that?"
Lenore: "In the beginning."
Kirk: "Tell me about it."
Lenore: "That's not fair. You haven't answered my question about
theconscienceofthekinghd218.jpgthe women."
Kirk: "What would you like to know?"
Lenore: "Has the machine changed them? Made them just people instead of women?"
Kirk: "Worlds may change, galaxies disintegrate, but a woman always remains a woman."
Lenore: "All this and power too. The Caesar of the stars and the Cleopatra to worship him."
theconscienceofthekinghd240.jpgRiley: "Hey. Rec room. Somebody. Talk to me."
Matson (Over Comm): "Larry Matson here. Is that you, Riley? What's up?"
Riley: "Not me. I am down. In the engineering room."
Matson: "You've been a bad boy."
Riley: "Maybe so. Whatever I've done, they're sure keeping it a secret from me. Hey. Is that Uhura playing? Let me talk to her.
theconscienceofthekinghd244.jpgMatson: "I think his heart is sore.
Uhura: "What can I do for you, Riley?
Riley: "A song. Make it a love song. Just something to reassure me I'm not the only living thing left in the universe, huh?
Uhura: "Well, you're not, and I'll prove it to you.
(sings) "The skies are green and glowing. Where my heart is, where my heart is, where the scented lunar flower is growing.
theconscienceofthekinghd253.jpgSomewhere beyond the stars. Beyond Antares.
(As Riley listens, we see a shadow moving)
Uhura: I'll be back, though it takes forever forever is just a day
Forever is just another journey. Tomorrow a stop along the way
(Something gets squirted into Riley's milk)
Uhura: "Then let the years go fading where my heart is
(Riley reaches for his tray) 
theconscienceofthekinghd271.jpgUhura: "Where my heart is, where my love eternal is waiting'. Somewhere beyond the stars. Beyond Antares."
(He drinks)
Uhura: "How'd you like that, Riley?"
(But Riley is sweating and choking)
Riley: "Help me, please."
(He collapses)
theconscienceofthekinghd287.jpgKirk: "Captain's log, stardate 2819.1. Ship's officer Riley's condition worsening. Doctor McCoy making lab analysis to determine cause and antidote. Entire crew deeply concerned."
theconscienceofthekinghd293.jpgMcCoy: "As of this date, lab report indicates presence of appreciable amount of tetralubisol, a highly volatile lubricant in use aboard ship."
Spock: "Someone tried to poison him."
McCoy: "Tetralubisol us a milky substance. Someone could have gotten careless, made a mistake."
Spock: "I don't believe that and neither do you. I want the Captain to see that report."
McCoy: "When I've finished logging it."
Spock: "Now."
theconscienceofthekinghd297.jpgKirk: "Come."
McCoy: "My report on Lieutenant Riley."
Kirk: "Will he make it?"
McCoy: "He's got a good chance."
Spock: "Can we predict the same for you, Captain?"
Kirk: "All right, Mister Spock. Let's have it."
Spock: "Lieutenant Riley was a witness. So were you."
theconscienceofthekinghd302.jpgKirk: "All right."
Spock: "Someone tried to kill him."
McCoy: "Could have been an accident."
Spock: "You should be told the difference between empiricism and stubbornness, Doctor. I checked with the library computer, just as you did. I got the same information."
Kirk: "Aren't you getting a little out of line, Mister Spock? My
theconscienceofthekinghd305.jpgpersonal business. "
Spock: "Is my personal business when it might interfere with the smooth operation of this ship."
Kirk: "You think that happened?"
Spock: "It could happen."
Kirk: "I don't like anyone meddling in my private affairs. Not even my second in command."
theconscienceofthekinghd312.jpgMcCoy: "Jim, Spock's simply trying..."
Kirk: "I know what he's doing, and I don't like it."
McCoy: "It's his job, and you know it."
Kirk: "And you also know that nothing is proven."
Spock: "Even in this corner of the galaxy, Captain, two plus two equals four. Almost certainly an attempt will be made to kill you. Why do you invite death?"
theconscienceofthekinghd315.jpgKirk: "I'm not. I'm interested in justice."
McCoy: "Are you? Are you sure it's not vengeance? "
Kirk: "No, I'm not sure. I wish I was. I've done things I've never done before. I've placed my command in jeopardy. From here on I've got to determine whether or not Karidian is Kodos."
Spock: "He is."
Kirk: "You sound certain. I wish I could be. Before I accuse a man
theconscienceofthekinghd320.jpgof that, I've got to be. I saw him once, twenty years ago. Men change. Memory changes. Look at him now, he's an actor. He can change his appearance. No. Logic is not enough. I've got to feel my way, make absolutely sure."
McCoy: "What if you decide he is Kodos? What then? Do you play God, carry his head through the corridors in triumph? That won't bring back the dead, Jim."
Kirk: "No, but they may rest easier. "
theconscienceofthekinghd355.jpgKirk: (barging in without knocking) "We're overdue for our talk, aren't we?
Karidian: "I hoped you would have respected my privacy, Captain."
Kirk: "A moment ago, we narrowly averted an explosion which would have destroyed several decks of this ship. Before that, someone tried to poison one of my crewmen."
theconscienceofthekinghd356.jpgKaridian: "I am sorry to hear that."
Kirk: "I'm sure you are. Are you Kodos? I asked you a question. "
Karidian: "Do you believe that I am?
Kirk: "I do."
Karidian: "Then I am Kodos, if it pleases you to believe so. I am an actor. I play many parts."
Kirk: "You're an actor now. What were you twenty years ago?"
theconscienceofthekinghd362.jpgKaridian: "Younger, Captain. Much younger."
Kirk: "So was I. But I remember. Let's see if you do. Read this into that communicator on the wall. It will be recorded and compared to a piece of Kodos' voice film we have in our files. The test is virtually infallible. It will tell us whether you're Karidian, or Kodos the Executioner. (switches on comm.) Ready for voice test. Disguising your voice will make no difference."
theconscienceofthekinghd371.jpgKaridian: (reading) "The revolution is successful, but survival depends on drastic measures. Your continued existence represents a threat to the well-being of society. (stops looking at the paper) Your lives means slow death to the more valued members of the colony. Therefore I have no alternative but to sentence you to death. Your execution is so ordered. Signed, Kodos, governor of Tarsus Four."
theconscienceofthekinghd374.jpgKirk: "I remember the words. I wrote them down. You said them like you knew them. You hardly glanced at the paper."
Karidian: I learn my parts very quickly."
Kirk: "Are you sure? Are you sure you didn't act this role out in front of a captive audience whom you blasted out of existence without mercy?"
Karidian: "I find your use of the word mercy strangely
theconscienceofthekinghd377.jpginappropriate, Captain. Here you stand, the perfect symbol of our technical society. Mechanised, electronicised, and not very human. You've done away with humanity, the striving of man to achieve greatness through his own resources."
Kirk: "We've armed man with tools. The striving for greatness continues. But Kodos
Karidian: Kodos, whoever he was..."
theconscienceofthekinghd380.jpgKirk: "Or is."
Karidian: "Or is. Kodos made a decision of life and death. Some had to die that others might live. You're a man of decision, Captain. You ought to understand that."
Kirk: "All I understand is that four thousand people were needlessly butchered."
Karidian: "In order to save four thousand others. And if the supply
theconscienceofthekinghd383.jpgships hadn't come earlier than expected, this Kodos of yours might have gone down in history as a great hero."
Kirk: "But he didn't. And history has made its judgment."
Karidian: "If you're so sure that I'm Kodos, why not kill me now? Let bloody vengeance take its final course! And see what difference it makes to this universe of yours."
Kirk: "Those beautiful words, well acted, change nothing."
theconscienceofthekinghd395.jpgKaridian: "I suppose not. They're merely tools, like this ship of yours."
Kirk: "There are no previous records to Anton Karidian prior to twenty years ago."
Karidian: "Blood thins. The body fails. One is finally grateful for a failing memory. I no longer treasure life, not even my own. I am tired! And the past is a blank. Did you get everything you, wanted, Captain Kirk?"
Kirk: "If I had gotten everything I wanted, you might not walk out of this room alive."
theconscienceofthekinghd431.jpg(Kevin is pacing up and down in the background, overhearing what is being dictated)
McCoy: "Medical log. Lieutenant Riley's sufficiently recovered to be discharged, but the Captain's ordered him restricted to Sickbay to prevent contact with the passenger who calls himself Karidian and who's suspected of being Kodos the Executioner and of murdering the Lieutenant's family."
theconscienceofthekinghd438.jpgKirk: "Captain's log, stardate 2819.8. Suspect under surveillance. Strategic areas under double guard. Performance of the Karidian Players taking place as scheduled."
theconscienceofthekinghd460.jpgHamlet: "Whither wilt thou lead me? Speak, I'll go no further."
Karidian "Mark me."
Hamlet: "I will."
(Kirk comes creeping around backstage)
Karidian: "My hour is almost come, when I to sulphurous and tormenting fires must render up myself."
Hamlet: "Speak. I am bound to hear."
theconscienceofthekinghd468.jpgKaridian: "So art thou to revenge, when thou shalt hear. I am thy father's spirit, doomed for a certain term to walk the night."
(Kirk spots Kevin with the phaser)
Kirk: "Riley, get back to the Sickbay."
Riley: "He murdered my father, and my mother."
Kirk: "You could be wrong. Don't throw away your life on a mistake."
theconscienceofthekinghd471.jpgRiley: "I'm not wrong."
Karidian: "But that I am forbid to tell the secrets of my prison house..."
Riley: "I know that voice, that face, I know it. I saw it. He murdered them."
Karidian: "Thy soul, freeze thy young blood."
Kirk: "It's an order. Give me the weapon."
theconscienceofthekinghd482.jpg(Takes it from Riley)
Kirk: "Now get back to Sickbay. Go on."
(Riley leaves, and there is polite applause at the end of the scene on stage. Karidian comes backstage.)
Lenore: "It's going beautifully. What is it? What's wrong?"
Karidian: "There was a voice out of the past haunting me, torturing me. There was another part I once played long ago. I theconscienceofthekinghd489.jpgnever told you about it. Now that same curtain rises again. The time has come."
Lenore: "No, Father. The time will never come. Tonight, after my performance, the last two who can harm you will be gone."
Karidian: "What are you saying?"
Lenore: "There were nine. Now there are only two, and they will be gone as soon as I. Don't look at me like that."
theconscienceofthekinghd501.jpgKaridian: "What have you done?"
Lenore: "What had to be done. They had to be silenced."
Karidian: "All of them? All seven? More blood on my hands?"
Lenore: "No Father, not anymore. I'm strong, Father. It's nothing."
Stargehand (voice): "Second act, three minutes."
Lenore: "We'll be ready. Don't you see? All the ghosts are dead. I've buried them. There's no more blood on your hands."
theconscienceofthekinghd527.jpgKaridian: "Oh, my child, my child. You've left me nothing! You were the one thing in my life untouched by what I'd done."
Lenore: "But you're safe now, Father. I've saved you. Now, no one can touch you. Not even Captain Kirk. See Caesar come? He's awed by your greatness, your shining brightness. "Bright as a blade before it is stained with blood."
Kirk: "Bright as a blade. Come with me, both of you."
theconscienceofthekinghd545.jpgLenore: Of course. After the play."
Kirk: The play is over. It's been over for twenty years."
Karidian: I was a soldier in a cause. There were things to be done, terrible things."
Lenore: Stop it, Father! You have nothing to justify."
Karidian: Murder, flight, suicide, madness. I never wanted the blood on my hands ever to stain you."
theconscienceofthekinghd547.jpgLenore: I did it for you. I've saved you."
Kirk: By killing seven innocent men."
Lenore: They weren't innocent! They were dangerous! I would have killed a world to save him!"
Stargehand (voice): Curtain going up, one minute."
(Kirk takes Karidian's arm)
Lenore: The play, Captain. He must go on. This is the great theconscienceofthekinghd558.jpgKaridian."
Kirk: "Guard."
Lenore: "You cannot deny him his last performance!"
(She grabs the security guard's phaser and runs out onto the stage)
Karidian: "Lenore, don't!"
Kirk: "You'll never get off the ship."
theconscienceofthekinghd578.jpgLenore: "It will become a floating tomb, drifting through space with the soul of the great Karidian giving performances at every star he touches. (Kirk moves towards her) I know how to use this, Captain."
Karidian: "No."
Lenore: "Caesar, beware the ides of March."
Karidian: "No, child! Don't!"
theconscienceofthekinghd581.jpg(As she squeezes the trigger, her father steps in front of Kirk, and takes the shot himself. Lenore screams at what she has done. and Kirk takes the phaser from her as she kneels over Karidian's body)
Lenore: "Father. Father! O, proud, death! What feast is toward in thine eternal cell, that thou, such a prince at a shot so bloodily hast struck? The curtain, the curtain rises. It rises. There's no time to sleep. The play. The play. The play's the thing, wherein we'll catch the conscience of the king."
theconscienceofthekinghd587.jpgMcCoy: "Medical report. (hands it over) She'll receive the best of care, Jim. She remembers nothing. She even thinks her father's still alive giving performances before cheering crowds. You really cared for her, didn't you?"
Spock: "Ready to leave Benecia orbit, Captain."
Kirk: "Stand by, Mister Leslie. All channels cleared, Uhura?"
Uhura: "All channels clear, sir."
theconscienceofthekinghd599.jpgKirk: "Whenever you're ready, Mister Leslie."
Leslie: "Leaving orbit, sir."
McCoy: You're not going to answer my question, are you?
Kirk: "Ahead warp factor one, Mister Leslie."
McCoy: "That's an answer."