Guest Characters



PLAYED BY: Arnold Moss
SPECIES: Human Male

Anton Karidian was the alias assumed by Kodos, known as "Kodos the Executioner" after the massacre at Tarsus IV. His daughter Lenore Karidian was born one year after the massacre, and always bore the surname Karidian. At some point after assuming this identity, Karidian formed the Karidian Company, a troupe of itinerant actors.

In 2266, the Karidian Company visited Planet Q. One of the residents of that world was Thomas Leighton, who recognized Karidian as Kodos. He asked James T. Kirk to investigate, as Kirk was one of the nine people who actually saw Kodos. After a series of murders and attempted murders, Kirk was convinced that Karidian was Kodos and was killing witnesses to cover his identity. In actuality, it was Lenore who was committing the crimes, and when she tried to kill Kirk, Karidian jumped in the line of fire as she fired a phaser, killing him.

PLAYED BY: Barbara Anderson
SPECIES: Human Female
During the Hamlet performance, Kevin Riley snuck backstage with the intent of murdering Kodos, the man who had murdered his family. Kirk was able to stop him, but Kodos overheard their sotto voce conversation. Backstage, he discussed it with Lenore and learned to his horror that she had been slowly murdering all those who could recognize him, and planned to kill the last two after the performance. Kirk confronted her, and she snatched a phaser from a nearby guard and raced on-stage. Clearly insane, she attempted to kill Kirk, instead hitting and killing her father when he jumped in front of Kirk at the last second. This act destroyed what remained of her mind; she was taken into medical custody.
PLAYED BY: Natalie Norwick
SPECIES: Human Female
Martha Leighton was the wife - and later, widow - of Doctor Thomas Leighton, and an inhabitant of Planet Q in 2266. She had reservations about her husband's claim that Anton Karidian was Kodos the Executioner.
PLAYED BY: David-Troy
SPECIES: Human Male
Matson answered a call in the recreation room from engineering by Kevin Riley, who was attempting to appease his loneliness. Matson remained as Lieutenant Uhura sang "Beyond Antares" for Riley.
PLAYED BY: Karl Bruck
SPECIES: Human Male
This actor played King Duncan during the company's performance of Shakespeare's Macbeth.
PLAYED BY: Marc Grady Adams
SPECIES: Human Male
This actor portrayed Prince Hamlet in the company's performance of Hamlet.
PLAYED BY: Bruce Hyde
SPECIES: Human Male
Riley and his family lived on the Tarsus IV colony in 2246. In that year, a massive food shortage struck the planet, leading Governor Kodos to institute a eugenics program in which he personally selected 4,000 colonists to be executed, thereby ensuring enough food for the survivors. Amongst those killed were Riley's father and mother.