Episode Quotes


Captain Kirk: Tom, the authorities closed the book on that case years ago.
Dr. Thomas Leighton: Then let's reopen it. Jim, 4,000 people were butchered!

Lenore Karidian: At the party, you were such a brash young man.
Captain Kirk: And now?
Lenore Karidian: Now somehow different. Not a ship's captain with all those people to be strong and confident in front of.

Mr. Spock: Ready to resume course, Captain.
Captain Kirk: I think we're due for a pickup.
Mr. Spock: What kind, personnel? Cargo?
Lieutenant Uhura: Captain? A Miss Karidian has been transported aboard ship. She requests permission to see you.
Captain Kirk: Tell her to come up to the bridge.
Lieutenant Uhura: (into comm) Escort Miss Karidian to the bridge.
Mr. Spock: How did you know this lady was coming aboard?
Captain Kirk: I'm the captain.

Dr. McCoy: Would you care for a drink, Mr. Spock?
Mr. Spock: My father's race was spared the dubious benefits of alcohol.
Dr. McCoy: Oh. Now I know why they were conquered.

Dr. McCoy: Come on. Have a drink.
Mr. Spock: No, thank you.
Dr. McCoy: Well, you're welcome. But I will. And please, Mr. Spock, if you won't join me, don't disapprove of me. At least not until you've tried it, huh?

Captain Kirk: Worlds may change, galaxies disintegrate, but a woman. . .always remains a woman.

Mr. Spock: According to our library banks, it started on the Earth colony of Tarsus IV. The food supply was attacked by an exotic fungus. There were over 8,000 colonists and virtually no food. And that was when Governor Kodos seized full power and declared emergency martial law.
Dr. McCoy: I've heard of it.
Mr. Spock: You may not have heard it all. Kodos began to separate the colonists. Some would live, be rationed with whatever food was left. The remainder would be immediately put to death. Apparently he had his own theories of eugenics.
Dr. McCoy: Unfortunately, he wasn't the first.
Mr. Spock: Perhaps not. But he was certainly among the most ruthless, to decide arbitrarily who would survive, using his own personal standards, and then to implement his decision without mercy. Children watching their parents die. Whole families destroyed. Over 4,000 people. They died quickly, without pain, but they died. Relief arrived, but too late to prevent the executions. And Kodos, there never was a positive identification of his body.
Dr. McCoy: What's Karidian to do with it?
Mr. Spock: His history begins almost to the day where Kodos disappeared.
Dr. McCoy: And you think Jim suspects he's Kodos?
Mr. Spock: He'd better. There were nine eye witnesses who survived the massacre who'd actually seen Kodos with their own eyes. Jim Kirk was one of them. With the exception of Riley and Captain Kirk, every other eye witness is dead, and my library computer shows that wherever they were-- on Earth, on a colony, or aboard ship-- the Karidian Company of Players was somewhere near when they died.
Dr. McCoy: It's unbelievable.

Lieutenant Uhura: (singing) The skies are green and glowing /  Where my heart is / Where my heart is / Where the scented lunar flower's growing / Somewhere beyond the stars / Beyond Antares / I'll be back, though it takes forever / Forever is just a day / Forever is just another journey / Tomorrow a stop along the way / And let the years go fading / Where my heart is / Where my heart is / Where my love eternal is / Waiting / Somewhere / Beyond the stars / Beyond Antares.

Anton Karidian: "The revolution is successful, but survival depends on drastic measures. Your continued existence represents a threat to the well-being of society. Your lives means slow death to the more valued members of the colony. Therefore I have no alternative but to sentence you to death. Your execution is so ordered. Signed, Kodos, governor of Tarsus IV".

Dr. McCoy: You really cared for her, didn't you?
Mr. Spock: Ready to leave Benecia orbit, Captain.
Captain Kirk: Stand by, Mr. Leslie. All channels cleared, Uhura?
Lieutenant Uhura: All channels clear, sir.
Captain Kirk: Whenever you're ready, Mr. Leslie.
Lieutenant Leslie: Leaving orbit, sir.
Dr. McCoy: You're not going to answer my question, are you?
Captain Kirk: Ahead warp factor 1 , Mr. Leslie.
Dr. McCoy: That's an answer.