Episode Trivia


It seems a little odd that Dr. McCoy, the ship's chief surgeon, is sitting in sick bay getting drunk. He's not on shore leave and if he wanted to have a drink or two, why not do it in his quarters. It seems rather unprofessional, to say the least.
After the phaser blows up, you can see the sign on Kirk's quarters, his room number is "3F 127", in "The Man Trap", Dr. McCoy's quarters were also number "3F 127".
After Lenore kills Karidian, there is a couple of close-ups of him on the ground where he is obviously breathing.
Spock later says the computer confirmed that Kirk, Leighton, Riley, and Karidian were all on Tarsus IV during the massacre. It couldn't have done this because Karidian didn't exist until Kodos created the identity sometime after the massacre.
After Kirk meets Kodos he asks the computer how many eyewitnesses to the massacre there were that can still testify, it says "Nine." Later Spock asks the same computer the same question and it says there are only two still alive. Why did the computer say to Kirk earlier that there were nine that could testify?
The computer says the Tarsus IV incident occurred Stardate 2794.7. In several preceding episodes with Kirk in command the stardate given is a smaller (and thus earlier) number then the date of the Tarsus IV massacre given here, which doesn't make sense.
If the computer has photographs and voiceprints of Kodos, why does the prosecution need eyewitnesses to identify Kodos and bring him to justice?
There were 4,000 colonists who survived the Tarsus IV execution of the other 4,000 colonists. How the heck were there only 9 people who could identify Kodos, given he was the governor of the colony.
According to the computer readout display in "Star Trek: Enterprise's" episode "In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II", Enterprise NX-01 communications officer Hoshi Sato and her husband were among the 4,000 colonists put to death by Kodos the Executioner.
When Dr. McCoy checked on Lt. O'Riley the medical scanner was on the setting for a person but it should have been off because O'Riley wasn't there.