Episode Trivia


First appearance of the Romulans.

Lt. Uhura takes over for Stiles at the navigator's station, but at the end of the episode she opens a hailing frequency from that station, not her normal communications post.
When the Romulans attack Outpost 4 a second time the outpost is sending Enterprise its sensor readings. However the screen switches back to the interior of the outpost, then back to show the ship disappearing even though the outpost is being destroyed at the same time.
At the beginning of the episode, Kirk says "Since the days of wooden vessels, shipmasters have had one happy privilege--that of uniting two people in the bonds of matrimony." According to "The Straight Dope" columnist Cecil Adams, this is a commonly-held fallacy and sea captains in the British, Soviet, and American navies have never held such powers.
Commander Hansen didn't have any braid on his sleeves to indicate his rank.
Whenever Kirk orders the crew to fire phasers; the exterior shots show the ship firing torpedoes, and torpedo explosions flashing out in space.
Enterprise still gets video from Outpost 4 for several seconds after it is completely obliterated.
When Spock is running to phaser control, the red alert panels aren't flashing despite the red alert noise blaring away.