Guest Characters



PLAYED BY: Emily Banks
Human Female

She was one of several crew members briefly trapped on the Shore Leave Planet. While there, she was accosted twice by recreations of legendary rake Don Juan. She found a dress, exactly the sort she imagined a princess of the "blood royale" might wear.

She was later romanced by Doctor McCoy. She later saw McCoy apparently murdered by the Black Knight, and briefly blamed herself for this, before Captain Kirk helped her regain her composure.

When McCoy returned to the surface, from where he'd been taken for medical care, she took umbrage to the two Rigelian chorus girls he brought with him. His apologetic "After all, I am on shore leave" brought him a frosty "And so am I".

PLAYED BY: Oliver McGowan
SPECIES: Unknown Male
The Caretaker or Keeper of the Shore Leave Planet was the last individual of his race to reside on this planet, located in the Omicron Delta region.

He was responsible for overseeing its proper operation. In 2267, crew from the USS Enterprise visited this planet, and after a series of unexplained occurrences, met this caretaker. He offered apologies for their confusion, explaining that he had not initially realized the planet's nature was unknown to the visitors. He described the planet as a place his people had constructed so they might play. He then offered the use of the planet for shore leave, as long as appropriate precautions were taken. But he would not comment on his people, saying enigmatically that the Federation visitors were not yet ready to understand them a statement with which Spock concurred.
PLAYED BY: Perry Lopez
SPECIES: Human Male
Rodriguez was one member of the landing party assigned to explore the Shore Leave Planet. During his visit there, his imagination gave form to a flock of birds, a Bengal tiger, and later a Japanese Zero warplane that strafed and apparently killed Angela.
PLAYED BY: Bruce Mars
SPECIES: Human Male
Finnegan was the name of a flamboyant Irish upperclassman who tormented James T. Kirk during his time at Starfleet Academy. Looking back from the perspective of years, Kirk described himself as "positively grim" during that era, a fact that delighted jokester Finnegan immensely. The sort of fellow who would put a bowl of cold soup in your bed, or leave a bucket of water propped over a half-open door, Finnegan tormented Cadet Kirk mercilessly.

In 2267, the USS Enterprise discovered the Shore Leave Planet, a place where one's fantasies were made real. On that world, Kirk encountered a version of Finnegan, exactly as he had appeared so long ago. At that point, Kirk did not understand the nature of the planet, and so he sought answers from Finnegan, who was the first character that actually interacted with the landing party. These attempts earned Kirk only japes and mockery, and finally Kirk had enough he chased down Finnegan and "beat the tar out of him" something he'd been longing to do for years. During their fight, Finnegan offered a valuable clue in his statements, "Kinda makes up for things, huh Jim?" and, "I'm being exactly the way you remember me." At the end of the fight, Kirk and Spock realized that Finnegan, like all the other artifacts, had been created in response to Kirk's unvoiced desire for revenge.
PLAYED BY: Marcia Brown
SPECIES: Imaginary Female
Alice was one of the many artifacts created by the Shore Leave Planet during the visit of the USS Enterprise in 2267. Leonard McCoy mentioned to Sulu that the idyllic planet was like "something out of Alice in Wonderland". In response, the planet created the White Rabbit and Alice, basing them on his memories of that tale. The appearance of these two characters was the first clue that all was not as it appeared on that world.
PLAYED BY: Sebastian Tom
SPECIES: Imaginary Male
An antenna on the planet would scan a person's mind and derive creations from their thoughts. This happened to Sulu when he was on shore leave on the planet. The samurai attacked Sulu and engaged him in a series of bouts.
PLAYED BY: Sebastian Tom
SPECIES: Imaginary Female
Ruth was a woman with whom James T. Kirk had been romantically involved sometime around his Starfleet Academy years. In 2267, the USS Enterprise discovered the Shore Leave Planet, an artificial world where complex machinery could bring fantasies to life.Kirk's daydreams resulted in the creation of a duplicate Ruth. The first time she appeared, Kirk was distracted by other problems, and could not spend time with her. After his discussion with the caretaker, Kirk planned to beam back to the Enterprise, but Ruth appeared again, and this convinced him to remain on the planet for a few days.