Episode Trivia


Lt. Latimer was killed when a huge spear was thrown into his back. But when his crewmates picked up his body, no blood dripped from the wound.
The door of the Galileo shuttlecraft is shown to open and close mechanically by itself but later in the episode while exiting the shuttle the crewman's hand can be seen closing the bottom of the door.
When Spock's leg is trapped by a large rock, the rock moves noticeably whenever Spock moves his arm, making it apparent that Nimoy is, in fact, holding the fake boulder in place. Then, when McCoy and Boma "struggle" to move the rock, McCoy's arm deforms the foam rubber that the rock is made from.
The shuttlecraft Columbus read "NCC-1701/7", same thing as the Galileo. When it redocks with the Enterprise, Columbus (while slightly blurred) reads Galileo on its front.
Just before Kirk talks to Spock inside the shuttle, he walks across the bridge, you can see Spock at his station on the bridge, then Kirk talks to him in the shuttle
When the Galileo jettisons its fuel and blasts away from the camera, you can see the stars through its hull.
The shields the giants use change size considerably between when one of them hefts a shield and a moment later when we see it slam down.
Despite the supposedly urgency of the mission to Makus III, at the end when they've recovered the shuttle, Kirk says to head out at warp 1. Aren't they supposed to be in a hurry?
At the end Uhura says they've recovered five survivors and Kirk immediately ends them to proceed for Makus III. He doesn't stop to ask anybody what happened to the other two - what if they're still on the planet? Sure, we know Gaetano and Latimer are dead, but he doesn't.