Guest Characters


PLAYED BY: William Campbell
SPECIES: Unknown Male
Trelane was a puckish, childlike alien introduced to several USS Enterprise crewmembers in 2267. That year, the Enterprise was en route to the Beta VI colony to deliver supplies, when it encountered a previously unknown planet. This planet, Gothos, was the home (playplace, really) of the powerful alien Trelane.

PLAYED BY: Richard Carlyle
Human Male

Trelane recognized Jaeger's name's national origin, gave a smart salute and spoke to him in German, saying "Ein Deutsch Soldat, nein? Ein, zwei, drei, vier, gehen wir mit dem Schie▀gewehr!", while miming a military march. In response to Trelane's question ("A German soldier, no?"), Jaeger replied that his specialty was as a scientist, not as a military man.

PLAYED BY: Michael Barrier
SPECIES: Human Male
DeSalle was one of three people who beamed down to the planet Gothos in search of Captain Kirk and Lieutenant Sulu, who had been abducted by the powerful alien Trelane. Expecting to arrive in an inhospitable climate, this landing party was surprised to discover an oasis of Earth-like conditions. When communications failed, DeSalle attempted to contact the ship using a laser beacon, but this method also failed. DeSalle later attempted to shoot Trelane with his phaser, an act that resulted in his paralysis, and the theft of his weapon by Trelane, who delightedly experimented with it, disintegrating several of his bizarre trophies before returning the weapon.
PLAYED BY: Venita Wolf
SPECIES: Human Female
Yeoman Teresa Ross was among the crewmen Trelane had transported to the planet of Gothos for his own amusement, and he took a particular interest in her. He even transformed her uniform into a floor-length gown and made her his dancing partner.

All the fuss over Ross gave Kirk the opportunity to take advantage of Trelane, enabling the Enterprise crew to eventually escape.