Episode Trivia


Trelane says he studied Earth images that travelled to him at light speed, and earlier they establish Gothos is 900 light years from Earth. But Trelane references Napoleon and Hamilton, who weren't around until 1800 or so. That would put this episode in 2700, but the original Trek episodes are set in the 2200s.
Kirk reaches for Trelane's arm before he begins to raise it to fetch more crew members down from the Enterprise.
Uhura is scanning all bandwidths for Kirk and DeSalle after their abduction, despite the fact they weren't wearing communicators at all on the bridge.
When the landing party find Kirk and Sulu, they're immobilized like statues. But look closely and they can be seen moving before Trelane frees them.
When DeSalle beams down to the planet and tries to call back up, he gets no answer and we see a closeup shot of him snapping the communicator shut. Then the camera cuts to a long shot and he snaps it shut again.
It's not clear how Spock determines that the mirror can't be the machine sustaining the breathable atmosphere. Spock says it isn't large enough, but how the heck can he tell, given their lack of knowledge of Trelane's technology?
DeSalle isn't too smart, he tries to sneak up on Trelane even though he's in plain view in the mirror Trelane is admiring himself in.