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PLAYED BY: Jerry Ayres
SPECIES: Human Male
O'Herlihy was a Starfleet ensign serving on the USS Enterprise. O'Herlihy was one of three tactical officers who were part of the landing party that beamed down to the observation post on Cestus III in 2267. Arriving, they discovered that the colony had been destroyed. Shortly after their arrival, the landing party came under attack from Gorn soldiers. O'Herlihy was killed by disruptor fire, seconds after discovering the position of the attackers.

PLAYED BY: Grant Woods
Human Male

The Enterprise visited Cestus III in response to a faked invitation from Commodore Travers. The message, actually a Gorn ruse, asked that Kirk bring his senior tactical officers down for a conference and dinner. The landing party was ambushed; Kelowitz was the only surviving tactical officer.

PLAYED BY: Tom Troupe
SPECIES: Human Male
Harold was the sole survivor of a Gorn massacre that destroyed the colony. He was later discovered by the crew of the USS Enterprise, before they were ambushed by the Gorn, and he was thereafter treated in the starship's sickbay.
PLAYED BY: James Farley 
SPECIES: Human Male
Lieutenant Commander Lang was a Starfleet officer assigned to the USS Enterprise under Captain James T. Kirk. Lang was one of three tactical officers who beamed to the Earth observation post on Cestus III in 2267. Arriving, they discovered the colony had been destroyed by the Gorn, a previously unknown species. Captain Kirk ordered Lang to deploy on the landing party's flank, presumably to scout likely locations of the attackers. Shortly after this, Lang was killed. Of the three tactical officers, only Kelowitz survived this attack.
PLAYED BY: Carolyne Barry
SPECIES: Metron Female
When Kirk was victorious, but refused to kill the Gorn, the Metron male appeared and was surprised by Kirk's compassion, believing humans to be a violent race. He freed both Kirk and the Gorn and their ships. He commented that in a thousand years humans would be advanced enough for the Metrons to make contact with them.
PLAYED BY: Bobby Clark  and Gary Combs
SPECIES: Gorn Male
The Gorn Captain's ability to mimic Starfleet communications fooled his new opponent, Captain James T. Kirk. Expecting a warm welcome from the Cestus III base commander, Commodore Travers, Kirk's landing party beamed into an ambush, surrounded by Gorn ground forces and pelted by disruptor artillery fire. Simultaneously, the Gorn starship quartered-in on the Enterprise while she was locked in orbit. The ships were evenly matched for firepower and deflector screens. Unable to maneuver the Enterprise from her position, Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu was forced to break orbit, temporarily stranding the landing party.