Episode Trivia


After Kirk accidentally trips over the Gorn's trap, watch the Gorn's right leg. There is a noticeable rip right above the knee, and in later scenes the rip is bigger. But there's no blood, and no indication it was wounded.
When Kirk is abducted from the Enterprise he is wearing the standard issue Starfleet uniform boots. But the entire time he is fighting the Gorn he is wearing more comfortable outdoor shoes. When Kirk is returned to the Enterprise he has his regular boots back on.
At the beginning of the episode, when the party on Cestus III comes under attack, a large "rock" moves visibly when Kirk leans briefly against it while using his communicator.
Spock says they know very little about the section of space where the Cestus III colony was (and that the Gorn claim is their territory). So...why did the Federation put a colony there in the first place? Do they put colonies in unexplored regions of space of which they know little on general principle?
When Kirk's boulder hits the Gorn captain he's looking up at it, but after the dust clears it's laying on top of his back.
The Gorn has big huge teeth, nasty claws, superior strength, and can be hit with a boulder and ignore it. Why does he initially grab a stick to hit Kirk with?
During the Gorn attack, Kirk gets a photon grenade launcher, comes out of the armory, and sets down a metal box. Then they cut to a different shot and Kirk puts the box down again.