Episode Quotes


Kirk: You said you had some additional information, Mr. Spock?
Spock: I made an error in my computations.
McCoy: Oh? This could be an historic occasion.

Kirk: But in our society, he'd be useless. Archaic.
McCoy: Maybe he could be retrained, re-educated.
Kirk: Now you're sounding like Spock.
McCoy: If you're going to get nasty, I'm going to leave.
Computer: Computed and recorded, dear.
Kirk: Computer, you will not address me in that manner. Compute.
Computer: Computed...dear.
Kirk: [to Spock] Your logic can be most...annoying.
Colonel: What is that? Is that a uniform of some kind?
Kirk: This little thing? Something I slipped on.
Kirk [as the Colonel fiddles with Kirk's gear]: Uh...Colonel, would you mind being careful with that?
Colonel: That worries you, huh? Is that a radio, transmitter of some kind?
Kirk: Of some kind.
Colonel: You can be more specific than that, Kirk. I don't like mysteries. [waves phaser around]
Kirk: If you don't stop being careless with that, you'll have one-- a big one.
Kirk: This is very difficult to explain. We're from your future. A time warp placed us here. It was an accident.
Christopher: You seem to have a lot of them.