Episode Trivia


At the beginning of the fight scene between Kirk and Finney, you hear the first two punches, but as Kirk hits Finney a third time as they cut to the stunt double you do not hear the impact of the punch on the soundtrack.
Starfleet sure seems to make a big deal about one dead crewman. In the rest of the series, however, there must have been dozens of crew deaths that Kirk might have been responsible for, and there was never any indication of investigations into those deaths.
What exactly was Finney planning on doing if Kirk was convicted? Did he plan to just go in hiding for the rest of his life?
When Kirk is having the crew beamed to the Starbase so they can isolate the heartbeats of those on board Commodore Stone asks if there's a skeleton crew for the impulse engines. He is told no, that they shouldn't be on board long enough to need to use them to correct their orbit. Once it become apparent that the engines are needed, and must be prepared there seems to be no trouble starting/running them -- even though there's no crew down there to do so. Either a crew wasn't needed, or they simply overlooked this fact.
At the beginning of the episode, Finney's daughter burst into the Commodore's office to start accusing Kirk of murder. Shouldn't a starbase be a little more secure so that a little girl can't just walk on in?
Kirk only has five buttons on the right arm of his command chair - two of them are alert buttons (as we see here, even though he never uses them before or since) and one is the usual open-communications button. It seems odd that he's the one in charge of jettisoning a pod given all the other stuff he does as Captain.
This is the first and only time we've ever seen Kirk hit a button on his chair to start an alert. Before he always gives the order and someone else does it.
We've seen the computer used as a lie detector in episodes like "Mudd's Women" and later in "Wolf in the Fold" - but they don't use it here.
Kirk says they can increase the booster on the auditory sensor "on the order of one to the fourth power." One to the fourth, or fifth, or twenty-fifth power, is...one.
They said that engineering was "B" deck which is deck 2, but engineering is deck 7 which would be "G" deck.
When McCoy muted Spock's heart, he put the machine on the left side of his chest, but Vulcans' hearts are where the liver in a human would be.
The Starfleet officers in the bar at Starbase 11 mistakenly wear the Enterprise insignia on their uniforms.
Mr. Spock is mistakenly referred to as "Lieutenant Commander Spock" despite the fact that he has the rank insignia of a full commander.
Commodore Stone makes reference to the Intrepid. The Intrepid would later be destroyed in "The Immunity Syndrome". The U.S.S. Voyager is also an Intrepid-class starship.
Kirk says in his captain's log voice-over that "The officers who will comprise my court-martial board are proceeding to Starbase 11." while we see them sitting and drinking in the bar already.
The use of stunt doubles during Kirk and Finney's fight at the end of this episode is very obvious.