Guest Characters



PLAYED BY: Ricardo Montalban
Human Male

Records of the period, including Khan's origins, are vague. He was the product of a selective-breeding and genetic engineering program, based on the eugenic philosophy that held improving the capabilities of a man improved the entire Human race. Augments produced by the program possessed physical strength and analytical capabilities considerably superior to ordinary Humans, and were created from a variety of Earth's ethnic groups. Khan's background was suspected to be Sikh, from the northern region of India.
McGivers's portrait of a 20th century Khan.

Khan would live up to the axiom coined by one of his creators, "superior ability breeds superior ambition". By 1993, a wave of the genetic "supermen" including Khan, had simultaneously assumed control of more than 40 of Earth's nations. From 1992 to 1996, Khan was absolute ruler of more than one-quarter of Earth's population, including regions of Asia and the Middle East. Considered "the best of tyrants", he severely curtailed the freedoms of his subjects, but his reign was an exception to similar circumstances in Earth history lacking massacres or internal war.

In the mid 1990s, the Augment tyrants began warring amongst themselves. Other nations joined in to force them from power in a series of struggles that became known as the Eugenics Wars. Eventually, most of the tyrants were defeated and their territory re-captured, but up to 90 "supermen" were never accounted for.

Khan escaped the wars and their consequences along with 84 followers who swore to live and die at his command. He saw his best option in a risky, self-imposed exile. In 1996, he took control of a DY-100-class interplanetary sleeper ship he christened SS Botany Bay, named for the site of the Australian penal colony. Set on a course outbound from the solar system, but with no apparent destination in mind, Khan and his people remained in suspended animation for Botany Bay's (nearly) 200-year sublight journey.
PLAYED BY: Madlyn Rhue
SPECIES: Human Female
When Khan pursued her, McGivers was surprised and shocked by his bullying manner, but also deeply flattered. Khan demanded absolute loyalty from her; desperately afraid of losing him, she promised to do anything he asked - including helping him in his attempts to seize the Enterprise.

Fortunately, McGivers was uncomfortable with Khan's murderous plans; she turned against him for long enough to prevent Captain Kirk's death and to help retake the ship. But it was too late to save her career.

When Kirk banished Khan and his followers to Ceti Alpha V, McGivers opted to accompany them rather than face a court-martial. Khan was pleased by her choice and dubbed her "a superior woman."
PLAYED BY: Blaisdell Makee
SPECIES: Human Female
Spinelli was one of a few Enterprise officers privileged to dine with the 20th century despot Khan Noonien Singh; Spinelli was among the crew trapped on the bridge when Khan attempted to take over the ship in 2267. Spinelli passed out after the life support to the bridge was cut, and was seated in a prisoner's row, forced to watch Khan's murderous spectacle on the viewscreen.
PLAYED BY: Mark Tobin 
SPECIES: Human Male
Joaquin was a genetically-engineered Augment from Earth's 20th century, a follower of Khan Noonien Singh and survivor of the Eugenics Wars. Joaquin escaped Earth aboard the SS Botany Bay.

In 2267, the USS Enterprise discovered the Botany Bay, on which Joaquin was one of the 72 surviving members of Khan's original group of 84, excepting Khan himself.
PLAYED BY: John Winston
SPECIES: Human Male
Kyle was also on duty in the transporter room when he was approached by Marla McGivers, who pointed a phaser at him and told him to move away from the transporter console. As he moved away, Khan Noonien Singh came up from behind and incapacitated him.
PLAYED BY: Kathy Ahart
SPECIES: Human Female
Kati was a genetically-engineered Augment from Earth's 20th century, a follower of Khan Noonien Singh and survivor of the Eugenics Wars. Kati escaped Earth aboard the SS Botany Bay.

In 2267, the Botany Bay was discovered by the USS Enterprise, where Kati was one of thirty women among the 72 surviving members of Khan's original group of 84. She was exiled to Ceti Alpha V with the rest of Khan's people after a failed attempt to capture the Enterprise.