Episode Trivia


The reception for Khan is said by Kirk to be an official dinner, yet only he, Spock, McCoy, and Scotty wear dress uniforms. Everyone else, including Uhura, wears standard uniforms.
As ship's historian, McGivers should have a blue sciences uniform, but wears the red of Engineering and Security.
It is constantly said that Khan had been in stasis two centuries (200 years). But the show takes place in the mid to late 23rd century, so it is actually closer to three centuries.
Both Scotty and Kirk say they knew about Khan - Scotty says he had a sneaking admiration for Khan, and Kirk says he was the "best of the tyrants." So why the heck don't they recognize him, or at least figure out that the guy in their ship named Khan from the year 1996 might just be related to the guy they're admiring named Khan from 1996? And why aren't there any pictures of Khan in 1996 they could check their passenger against?
The Eugenics Wars occurred beginning in 1993 and seem to have been a World War. yet in Star Trek: The Next Generation we find out that World War III doesn't occur until the 21st century. The Eugenics Wars sure seem like they would be considered a World War.
This is the first but not the last time that Kirk turns over the ship's library to a possible dangerous visitor who, sure enough, uses the information to take over the ship.
Lt. McGivers didn't have the gold braid to be a lieutenant, she was an ensign but was always called "lieutenant".
In the scene where they discover Khan in his sleep chamber still alive, Kirk loses his phaser. It falls off of his belt onto the floor as he bends down, Dr. McCoy notices it, and reaches down and shoves it aside as they finish the scene.
When Khan states that he will save Kirk if any of the officers join him, it seems that it would make more sense for someone to say "Sure, I'll join you" and then betray Khan later on (as McGivers does), instead of just sitting there watching the Captain die.