Guest Characters



PLAYED BY: David Opatoshu
SPECIES: Eminian Male

Kirk grew disgusted, and determined to end the war. Seizing an opportunity, he took control of the war room and destroyed the computers that ran Eminiar's part of the war. Then he offered Anan 7 a choice: make real war, with real weapons – or make peace. Anan 7, with the help of Federation Ambassador Robert Fox, decided to attempt peace.
PLAYED BY: Gene Lyons
SPECIES: Human Male
Arriving at the Division of Control, Fox and his attaché were immediately rounded up and herded towards a disintegration station. Only with his death imminent did Fox begin to understand the nature of the Eminian Union. Fortunately, just as they reached the chamber, Spock (who had been able to contact the ship and discover that Fox was on the planet) intervened before the ambassador could be reduced to atoms, and took him to the war room, where Kirk was being held. After Kirk and Spock ended the war by destroying the computers that ran it, Fox offered to remain as a negotiator, to help the two rivals hammer out a peace treaty.
 MEA 3
PLAYED BY: Barbara Babcock
SPECIES: Eminian Female
Mea 3 was an attaché to the High Council of Eminiar VII. In this capacity, she led a small delegation to receive a landing party that consisted of James T. Kirk, Spock, Yeoman Tamura, and security officers Galloway and Osborne. She escorted them to the High Council, and also warned them they were in grave danger. But before she had a chance to elaborate on that danger, the High Council received them – and Vendikar attacked. That attack included the virtual destruction of the USS Enterprise, realizing Mea's warning, and leading to the imprisonment of the landing party.

Shortly after escaping custody, the landing party encountered Mea again, as she was preparing to perform her socially-mandated duty, and enter a disintegration station. They prevented her from committing suicide, and kept her alive until after Kirk ended the war. Mea was passionate in her defense of the social contract of suicide established to enable her planet and Vendikar to fight their war without damaging the cultures that sustained it. The thought of stepping into a machine that would reduce her to atoms did not faze her, but the thought of real war, and its effects on her society, horrified her.
PLAYED BY: Miko Mayama 
SPECIES: Human Male
Tamura was part of the landing party that visited Eminiar VII. During the mission, Spock asked her for a scientific survey to identify the nature of Vendikar's attack. Her confusing lack of confirmation for the attack was one clue that helped Spock realize the war between Eminiar and Vendikar existed only as a series of computer models.

Later, Spock left her in charge of Mea 3, with instructions to prevent Mea from reporting to a disintegration station, as citizens of Eminiar VII dutifully did when declared casualties.
PLAYED BY: David L. Ross
SPECIES: Human Male
When the Enterprise visited Eminiar VII on stardate 3192.1, Galloway joined the landing party to the planet. After High Councilor Anan 7 imprisoned the landing party, members of the party escape with Galloway disguised as an Eminian guard. He assisted Spock in rescuing Ambassador Robert Fox from the disintegration station, and guarded the Eminian High Council while Kirk and Spock acted to end Eminiar's war with Vendikar.
PLAYED BY: Sean Kenney 
SPECIES: Human Male
Lieutenant DePaul was a Starfleet officer who served as both a relief navigator and a relief helmsman aboard the USS Enterprise under Captain James T. Kirk.
 SAR 6
PLAYED BY: Robert Sampson 
SPECIES: Human Male
Sar 6 was either a member of the High Council of the Eminian Union, or an attaché to that council. He assisted the High Council, and specifically Anan 7, in managing the war and launching attacks. He was familiar with the computers that ran the war. Over his strenuous objections, Captain James T. Kirk of the Federation starship USS Enterprise destroyed those computers, taking the first step towards a hoped for peace between Eminiar and Vendikar.