Episode Trivia


When approaching Eminiar VII, Kirk orders a yellow alert and shields up, yet in the next scene when preparing to beam down, when Kirk asks about ship's defenses, Spock mentions the screen are down. The time in which this whole conversation takes place before the transport is more than enough to attack the Enterprise, when it would've been safer to lower the shields once they began transport, and raised again, as shown in other dangerous situations.
Isn't Kirk's interference with Eminiar's war a serious violation of the prime directive on non-interference?
When Spock destroys the disintegration chamber, the door is open. Then the camera cuts immediately to a side view and the door is instantly shut.

The S.S. Robert Fox, named after the ambassador in this episode, would be one of two ships, along with the Lakul, which carried El Aurien refugees to Earth in "Star Trek: Generations".
The Emininian technology would later be used for the Klingons.
When the first wave of casualties is declared, Mea 3 is labeled "dead" after a simulated teleported fusion bomb. But Kirk is standing right next to her and he isn't declared dead.