Episode Trivia


When the weapons heat up at the end, Kor drops his disruptor and runs to his desk. The disruptor is suddenly in a holster at his belt, then disappears after he moves away from the desk.
Kirk, Spock, and the Klingons fail to notice the fact that the Organians have automatic doors, despite the fact Spock notes early on that they're "making progress toward mechanization."
After Spock and Kirk leave Kor's office, they have a very loud conversation about their planned strategy while a Klingon stands a few feet away, apparently not hearing a thing.
Although Kor tells the Organians they can't assemble in groups of more then three and they agree, everytime they meet in council there are five of them, even when Kor is around.
When Kirk orders the crew to fire phasers; the exterior shots show the ship firing torpedoes, and torpedo explosions flashing out in space.


Kirk and Spock beam down to Organia to try to convince the Organians to let the Federation help them. After only a few minutes of failed negotiations, the Klingons come down and take over. Kirk is irritated at the Organians for not allowing the Federation to help. Well, what exactly was the Federation planning to do to help to Organians in the whole ten minutes between Kirk's arrival and the Klingons'? It does seem all too short a time to fortify a planet against invasion.