Guest Characters



PLAYED BY: Robert Brown
SPECIES: Unknown

He pursued anti-Lazarus across space and time, eventually arriving in 2267, where their conflict created vast cosmic effects that drew the attention of Starfleet.

Assigned to investigate, Captain Kirk and the USS Enterprise confronted Lazarus several times, attempting to learn the truth. Lazarus referred to his counterpart as a "beast" and claimed he had destroyed Lazarus' entire civilization. Kirk and Spock soon realized there were two versions of Lazarus.

In a final confrontation, Kirk was accidentally transported to the antimatter universe, where anti-Lazarus revealed the whole story. He confirmed that if Lazarus succeeded in crossing over to the antimatter universe, and there confronted anti-Lazarus, the result would be the destruction of both universes.

Together, Kirk and anti-Lazarus forced Lazarus into the negative magnetic corridor that connected the two universes. Kirk then destroyed Lazarus' spaceship, which also destroyed anti-Lazarus' ship, sealing the corridor, saving the universes and trapping both versions of Lazarus together for the rest of time.
PLAYED BY: Janet MacLachlan
SPECIES: Human Female
Masters was in charge of re-amplifying the starship's dilithium crystals after a near-collapse of the known universe drained them of power and put the ship at risk. Identical beings from opposite universes each desired the crystals for their own purposes. Anti-Lazarus rendered her unconscious and stole a pair of crystals as part of his plan to prevent his mad opponent, Lazarus, from destroying both of their universes. Later, Lazarus created a fire to force her out of engineering to steal his own dilithium.

Along with her assistant, Masters shared a low opinion of Enterprise coffee.
PLAYED BY: Richard Derr
SPECIES: Human Male
Barstow communicated with Captain James Kirk aboard the USS Enterprise, to confer about the galaxy-wide "winking-out" effect which had been centered on the planet which the Enterprise had been investigating. Barstow and Kirk agreed that the effect might signal a threat of invasion, and Barstow informed Kirk that he had ordered the withdrawal of all Starfleet vessels within one hundred parsecs of the planet, while simultaneously ordering Kirk to continue the investigation.