Guest Characters



PLAYED BY: Joan Swift
SPECIES: Human Female

She was residing at the Deneva colony with George and Peter when travelers from Ingraham B brought neural parasites that quickly infested the colony. Aurelan was attacked and infiltrated prior to Kirk's visit. Kirk discovered her in her home; she was extremely distraught. Under heavy sedation, she became coherent enough to provide valuable information about the parasites, but the creature within her opposed this effort, delivering increasing amounts of pain. Eventually, unable to withstand it, she died.
PLAYED BY: Maurishka Taliaferro
Human Female
Zahra participated in the landing party to the surface of Deneva investigating the mysterious loss of contact between the Deneva colony and the Federation. Along with the rest of the landing party, she came under attack by the mysterious extragalactic neural parasites which had invaded the colony, although she was able to escape unharmed.
PLAYED BY: Craig Hundley
SPECIES: Human Male
He lived with his parents at the Deneva colony. Late that year, travelers from Ingraham B brought neural parasites to the colony; over the next eight months, these parasites infiltrated and overwhelmed the colony, infecting nearly everyone. By the time of the Enterprise's 2267 visit, Peter and Aurelan were infected and George had died, presumably resisting the parasites' control. Though Captain Kirk discovered how to destroy the parasites in time to save Peter and the colony, his discovery came too late to save Aurelan.

Peter had two siblings, but they had both passed by the time of the neural parasite invasion of Deneva.