Episode Trivia


When the alien parasites fly around the room attacking Kirk and the others, the strings supporitng many of them can still be seen.
When Spock returns to the planet alone, he is attacked by a wrench-wielding colonist. The colonist swings and hits Spock's hand, throwing his phaser way off to Spock's left (it flies off camera). After using the neck pinch, Spock then turns around and picks up the phaser, lying against the wall behind him.
When they put the satellites in orbit, Sulu announces they are in place. Then Kirk says "Energize" and the next shot shows the helmsman station and Sulu is absent - some guy in a red shirt is there instead.
According to this episode Kirk's brother Sam is dead, Peter is unconscious, and Aurelan is taken over. Nobody wonders about Sam's other two sons, who are mentioned in "What Are Little Girls Made Of?".
Both Spock and Kirk insist they must use the light-emitters quickly - why? The planet is isolated and nobody's dying. If they'd wait just a little longer then Spock wouldn't have been blinded.
When they first see the creatures, Kirk orders a strategic withdrawal. They do so by turning their backs on the creatures and walking away!