Episode Behind the Scenes


This episode features one of the most famous scenes in "Star Trek" history when Captain Kirk has to fight Mr. Spock with the classic "Star Trek Fight Music" in the background. It was directly parodied in the movie "The Cable Guy" and the music from that scene has been used in several other "Star Trek" parodies.
Celia Lovsky, who plays T'Pau, could not shape her hand into the Vulcan hand salute. To combat this, she molded her fingers into the right position with her left hand underneath the camera range during her close-up.
Byron Morrow, who plays Admiral Komack, would later play Admiral Westervilet in "For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky". Admiral Komack had previously been mentioned in "This Side of Paradise".
In an early flyby shot of the Enterprise in space, the right nacelle disappears. (This goof is fixed in the 2007 remastered version.)
Just before T'Pring calls for the challenge, there's a wide shot of her going toward the gong. Then they cut to a closeup and she is standing beside Stonn, and then she starts moving toward the gong again.
When Kirk, over the intercom, tells Spock that they are diverting to Vulcan, Spock pounds his computer. In the next scene, his computer appears to be undamaged!
T'Pol from "Star Trek: Enterprise" was originally intended to be a younger version of T'Pau from this episode, however, in doing so, the producers would have to pay writer Theodore Sturgeon's family royalties every time the character appeared, so the character was rewritten.