Episode Behind the Scenes


After Kirk is summoned to Sickbay and on ordering Spock to use the manual controls to open to malfunctioning door, Nomad is shown coming through the same doors (which were labelled "Leonard H. McCoy") but the background of that shot indicated Nomad was in a turbolift, not Sickbay.
Immediately after the credits as the episode title is displayed, the exterior view of the Enterprise was black and white.
You can see the string that holds Nomad in the air.
During the teaser when the Enterprise is hit and everyone on the bridge falls about, the entire forward navigation/helm console can be seen to lift up as the navigator and Spock fall against it.
When Nomad initially attacks the Enterprise, Uhura appears/disappears in subsequent shots of the bridge.
Vic Perrin, who plays the voice of Nomad, previously voiced the Gorn and the Metron in "Arena" as well as the "Child" Balok in "The Corbomite Maneuver".