Episode Trivia


In his captain's log, Kirk doesn't describe the planet as a "nightmare" until after Spock is "injured" - so much for the poor dead red-shirt guy, Hendorff.
Kirk & Co. are told by Starfleet to contact the natives but there's initially no indication that they have any technology - isn't this a violation of the Prime Directive (as described in episodes like "Bread and Circuses")?
First reference to the Enterprise's saucer separation capability. Although the ship doesn't perform that maneuver here, nor in any episode of the classic series, the Enterprise-D from "Star Trek:The Next Generation" performed a saucer separation in "Encounter at Farpoint", "The Arsenal of Freedom", "The Best of Both Worlds, Part II" and "Star Trek: Generations".
Initially Spock discovers one of the explosive rocks. Before he knows what it does, he breaks it in half! Yet it doesn't explode. When he tosses away one of the pieces, though, it does explode.