Episode Quotes


Dr. McCoy : "I'm a doctor, not a mechanic."
Commander Scott: "A cranky transporter is a mighty finicky piece of equipment to be gambling your life on."
Captain James T. Kirk: "Matt... we're stonger with you than without you."
Montgomery Scott: "Borgus frat." (or some similar expletive)
Commodore Matt Decker: "They say there's no devil, Jim.... but there is. Right out of hell, I saw it!"
Kirk: "He gave his life in an attempt to save others. Not the worst way to go."
Kirk: "Ironic, isn't it? Way back in the 20th century, the H-bomb was their ultimate weapon, their 'doomsday machine,' and we used something like it to destroy another Doomsday Machine. Probably the first time any such weapon has been used for constructive purposes."
Spock: "Random chance seems to have operated in our favor."
McCoy "In plain non-Vulcan English -- we've been lucky."
Spock "I believe I said that, Doctor."
Spock: "Commodore. I do not wish to place you under arrest."
Decker "You wouldn't dare. You're bluffing."
Spock "Vulcans never bluff."
Kirk: "If I only had some phasers..."
Scotty "Phasers. You've got 'em. I have one bank recharged."
Kirk "Scotty. You've just earned your pay for the week."
Kirk: "Am I correct in assuming that a fusion explosion of 97 megatons will result if a starship impulse engine is overloaded?"
Spock "No, sir. (helpfully) 97.835 megatons."