Episode Trivia


Spock says "the cat is the most ruthless, the most terrifying, of animals." First of all, does he really think a cat is more ruthless and terrifying then, say, a shark? Second, why does Spock, with his encyclopedic memory, limit himself to Earth animals? Are we really supposed to believe the cat is the most ruthless and terrifying animal in the known galaxy of the future?
Despite the fact he had already heard Korob speaking through Jackson, and the three witches use his name, and the trail led past the witches to the castle where Korob lives, Kirk seems surprised that Korob knows his name when they meet face-to-face.
When Kirk, Spock and Dr. McCoy see that Scotty and Sulu have been "brainwashed", Kirk mentions that they are hardly blinking. Spock reminds them that neither did Jackson before he died. However, Spock was not present when Jackson returned to the Enterprise, and it's unlikely anyone would have bothered to tell him.
When Korob, Kirk, and Spock are chased back to the dungeon by the giant cat, Korob slams the door shut as though it were made of cardboard. Later, when the door falls, it's heavy enough to crush him.
Spock seems completely unaware of the Earth custom of Halloween. Yet, later in the episode, he explains wizards and their 'familiars'. Also, it seems unlikely that Spock wouldn't have known about Halloween considering his extensive study of humans and their customs.
It's not totally impossible, but DeSalle was a biologist with a gold shirt in his last appearance ("This Side of Paradise"). In this episode he wears a red shirt and is an assistant chief engineer.
First appearance of Ensign Pavel Chekov.
Final appearance of Lieutenant DeSalle, who has since been promoted to assistant chief engineer since "This Side of Paradise". If one counts the fan-made "Star Trek: New Voyages" as canonical, then DeSalle would eventually rise to the rank of lieutenant commander and become chief helmsman of the Enterprise.